When a tenant hears that their rental property is up for sale they tend to panic- don’t! Just because the owner is putting the property on the market this doesn’t mean you need to pack your bags! Both you and the owner have rights and it’s important to understand them. Our Head of Property Management, Angie Lester is here to give you a head start, with some basic rules every tenant should know!     YOUR LANDLORD HAS THE RIGHT TO SELL As the owner, your landlord is within their rights to sell the property whenever they want to, even if it does fall during your fixed lease agreement. But don’t panic! You do have rights.   YOU MUST BE INFORMED BEFORE THE SALES PROCESS BEGINS Once the owner decides… Read More »


Queenslanders are packed full of original features, that deserve plenty of love and respect when renovating your home. Queenslander style houses provide great opportunities to value add to your home simply by respecting the original features that are loved by so many. We’ve asked Nicole Cox, also known as ‘The Builders Wife’ for some tips how to renovate a Queenslander whilst also respecting and preserving the original features. SOURCE: HANNAH PUECHMARIN VJ’s VJ boards are common in most Queenslander homes. The character they bring is both timeless and sought after. When painting your VJ’s, take a tip from the experts and spend time prepping your walls before applying the paint. Gapping your VJ’s is the best way to show them the love and respect they deserve and will create a… Read More »


One of the biggest mistakes novice investors make when trying to pick a hot spot is taking short cuts. Everyone either doesn’t want or have the time to do their homework while looking for an investment property. If you decide to take a short cut and take a prediction of a booming suburb from a magazine or a friend you can risk missing the mark completely! To help make sure your ‘hot spot’ is not going to become a ‘not spot’ here are some tips from iThink Principal Ben Walker.   LOOK TO THE HORIZON If you’re not looking at least 5-10 years down the track then there is a good chance you will make a mistake. Most hot spot lists usually only consider short-term performance of a property which… Read More »


With the warmer weather already kicking in it’s time to prepare your home for the heat! While we are still in Spring, it’s a good idea to start getting your home prepared early before the full affect of summer is here. Our Sales Customer Service specialist, Jess McPherson has some tips to help make sure your home is ready!   SOURCE: THREE BIRDS RENOVATIONS  TUNE UP THE FANS AND AIR-CON Start by giving your fans a good clean. Dust them off and check which way your ceiling fan spins. Tip: A fan that rotates clockwise will circulate warm air, while one that rotates anticlockwise will push cool air. Next move towards your air conditioner. It’s a good idea to get it serviced annually to make sure it’s in tip top… Read More »


Gone are the days we could just put up a sign outside your property and it would be rented within days.  We live in a world where digital media reigns supreme in the advertising world and it is becoming more important to jump on board. According to realestate.com (REA), 91% of tenants are now searching online for properties. That is a huge number of potential tenants! To help ensure your property stands out from the crowd here are a few tips from our Leasing Consultant, Shona Grayson.     BE SEEN As advertising online is now a must, everyone is doing it. This means you need to stand out from the crowd to be seen and this starts with your positioning. According to REA (2017), what page your property is… Read More »


Spring is in full bloom now and this means it’s time for the annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers! This must-attend festival has travellers from far and wide frolicking up the range to the witness the flowers galore, fabulous food and much more! With 10 days of action-packed fun starting on Friday 15th September, our Toowoomba Property Manager Sally McCaffery has put together a list of must see’s and do’s! SOURCE: TCOF   ERGON ENERGY FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL The first three days are dedicated to all the foodies and wine lovers out there! Showcasing incredible food and wine made with produce grown fresh in Southern Queensland Country this is one not to miss. Daily and three-day passes are available for purchase, with entry costs including all live cooking and gardening… Read More »


It’s time to shake off those winter blues and get ready for the warmer weather! Along with your spring cleaning what better time than now to refresh your home with some spring styling. To give you a little inspiration & direction iThink’s Sales & Marketing Consultant Kelly Martin has outlined some of the top trends this Spring! SOURCE: THREE BIRDS RENOVATIONS  WHITE IS ALWAYS RIGHT If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home with a fresh coat of paint you can never go wrong with white! While some may think it’s boring, white can set a very dreamy, open, airy & whimsical tone. It’s also matches everything and is the perfect blank canvas for further styling. While you may be thinking white is white, right? There are actually many shades… Read More »


Just because you don’t earn a six-figure salary, or you don’t have many assets yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t break into the property market. Low-income earners comprise a huge proportion of the investing market, and while they face specific challenges, the most committed, driven and creative among them can reap the biggest rewards. While there are always risks and challenges for any property investor, low income earners have two big barriers – amassing a deposit, and finding a bank that will lend to them. Here are some tips to help you overcome these barriers and break into the property market.     THE DEPOSIT To build a solid property deposit you need to know exactly what target figure you’re aiming for, as this will give you a goal to… Read More »


Are you looking at becoming a property investor? You’re not alone, there are just over 2 million Property Investors in Australia*! While property is regarded as one of the safest long term investments there are many risks involved and it’s not a decision to jump into.  iThink’s Sales & Marketing Consultant, Dane Phillips has some tips for getting started in Property Investment.   DO YOUR RESEARCH Attention to detail is key in investment planning. If you try to take shortcuts or skip researching, you could make some costly mistakes. It’s important to choose an area which has strong growth and rental demand so in-depth research of the suburb is essential. Ideally, you want to invest in a suburb where the level of rental listings and vacancies are low, and demand… Read More »


It’s a struggle to find time to renovate or repair your rental while a tenant is in place. So when your tenants are vacating and there is a week or two between tenancies you need to jump on this opportunity!  You want to achieve premium price and attract quality tenants so giving your investment a little TLC will go a long way.  iThink Property Manager, Tori Austen has a few tips to help ensure your property is in tip top shape.     PRESENTATION Before jumping head first, take the time to think about how you want your rental property to look & what type of tenants you want to attract. There is no question about it, prospective tenants are more attracted to well-presented properties. A well-presented property doesn’t just… Read More »

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