Think auction might be the best way to sell your home? With our second auction event for the year approaching this Friday, we look at the benefits of hosting in-room auction events, and why you might consider it for your next sale.   ABOUT OUR EVENTS   At iThink Property, we like to do Real Estate different and our Auction events are really like no other. We host community inclusive Auction events at popular local venues that help create a real buzz in the local community and more importantly for the properties we are looking to auction. Our Auction Events are also generating some outstanding results for our sellers and buyers. We strongly believe in the auction process; it brings all potential buyers out of the woodwork and generally results… Read More »


With the cooler weather rolling in, it is time to think about switching up those bright, summery décor for more autumnal tones. It also gives you a chance to sprues up your home, ditch the clutter and maybe even give it a fresh lick of paint. Here is a list of a few easy switches and changes that will help you set the mood for the new season in your home.   SWITCHING UP THE COLOUR PALETTE One of the easiest things to switch up each season is the colour palette. For autumn try introducing deeper, darker hues as well as rich jewel tones (emerald green’s, navy’s, plum’s and burgundy’s). You can introduce these new colours in various ways, such as new cushions, linens, throws and smaller décor pieces. If… Read More »


It’s the one thing all property managers want to avoid, and no matter how big or small, conflicts or disputes are always the tasks that are pushed to the bottom of the list. To ensure you are addressing these conflicts in the correct manner, here is an action plan to keep on hand for when things go pear-shaped.     DISPUTE RESOLUTION ACTION PLAN   1.THINKING, ASSESSING & PLANNING This is the stage where you take some time to think about what exactly the dispute is, how it occurred and how it can potentially be resolved. The more detailed information you can find about the issue, the easier it will be to help resolve it.   2. FOLLOWING THE RULE BOOK What is the legislation surrounding this issue, and what… Read More »


Squatters are every landlord’s worst nightmare. Strangely enough, the information surrounding how to get rid of the unwanted intruders in your rental property is vague, to say the least, even with the help of Google. The kind of damage and financial loss that squatters can inflict can be quite significant. Common sense would tell you someone living in your property without permission or knowledge is doing so illegally – but amazingly it’s not a criminal offence to squat in an empty house. Recently at iThink Property, we had two separate cases of dealing with getting rid of unauthorized occupants in a property. So, we thought we would share our experiences. In the first instance, the squatters had moved in under a high set house and set up extravagant living quarters… Read More »


Over the last few years we have seen several new dining places pop up in the Ipswich region. From specialty beers to indulgent triple choc brownies, there is truly something for everyone right here. Here is a list we have compiled, all within an hour of the Ipswich CBD   88 LIMESTONE DINING MECCA   The recent restoration and renovation has transformed this historic former Technical College into a social hub for wining and dining. You are spoilt for choice, with various dining options and atmospheres.   4 Hearts Pumpyard Brewery If you are on the hunt for that perfect brew, wander down to the Pumpyard bar and Brewery. Here you will find a plethora of craft beers on tap, gourmet burgers, pizzas and tasty share plates. It is the… Read More »


You may have cleared the clutter, tidied up the yards and polished the floorboards ready to present your property to the public, but did you know that it is often the smaller details that let you down in the presentation department. More recently, styling or staging your home during the sale process has become the norm. Statistics show that staging your home has the potential to add 5-10 per cent to the sale price of your home. Real estate agent and home stager Amie Palmer says, “Staging your property not only helps you stand out in the crowd, but it also encourages buyers to fall in love! It is surprising how much more buyers will pay when they are emotionally invested in your product.” With the property market now in… Read More »


Since the date of its release, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has truly taken the world by storm. Thousands of people around the world are now cleansing their homes of any items that do not ”spark joy”. Award-winning author and tidying queen herself, Marie Kondo has captivated viewers with how simple it is to eliminate clutter and excess. Here are a few top tips you can implement to ”Kondify” your home and make a more organised space to live in.   VISUALISE   What do you most want out of the space you are about to tidy? Functionality, productive, warm, inviting, relaxing? Whatever it may be, map it out in your head or even create a vision board. This will help you decide what items you will want to keep… Read More »


It’s an ever evolving and changing world we are living in. Across any industry, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest trends in consumer activity, technology and market activity. While the business of real estate transactions ie buying and selling a home will remain the same in essence, there are major innovations and technological advances that are not only mind-blowing, but set to blow up the entire real estate tradition. The real estate industry has stood the test of time, until now. Some of the advances won’t happen overnight, but here’s a little look at what the future of real estate might look like.     TOP 5 TECH TRENDS IN REAL ESTATE 1) THE CLOUD A few years ago, “the cloud” was seen as a mysterious… Read More »


When you think about it, selling your home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make in your lifetime. To ensure we are reaching 100% of the buyers (both active and passive) we employ a number of marketing technique and exhaust multiple platforms. Our innovative approach to marketing and selling will have your property sold for a premium price in the shortest time frame possible. iThink Property tailors your marketing package to your property’s needs. Services we offer include; professional photography, signage, internet advertising across a range of major websites, newspaper advertising, social media advertising and in-house marketing.   ONLINE MARKETING     At iThink Property, we advertise each property on multiple online portals. The iThink Property website has become a hub for all things property…. Read More »


New year, new interiors… right? If you are looking to update your interior style to keep in line with the trends, look no further. Here is your guide to what’s hot (and what’s not) for 2019. From dusty chalky tones to gold accents and textured glass, this year is sure to showcase it all. In 2018, interior trends focused heavily on industrial style, candy-toned pastels, marble and earthy tones. It was also the year of the much-hyped millennial pink and copper accent pieces. Over the course of the year, many retailers exhausted these coveted trends, meaning the trusty and safe millennial pink has well and truly had its 15 minutes of fame. In 2019 we see a number of changes to the interior design and decorating game. Here is a… Read More »

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