Whether you are wanting to break out of the rent cycle or you are ready to move out of home into your very own place, saving for a house deposit can seem overwhelming and never-ending. But rest assured, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to stick it out for a while. Here are a few things you can implement to help to save for your first deposit a little bit easier. Whether you are looking to buy in the next 6 months or the next 6 years, we are sure at least one of these tips will be beneficial. GENERAL SAVING TIPS Tackle your Spendings First The very first thing you want to do is go through your monthly budget and look at… Read More »


With the recent wet weather over last week in the Ipswich, Toowoomba and surrounding areas, it is extremely important to ensure your home is ready to withstand the weather. Over the next week we are also expecting more wet weather and the odd thunderstorm, so here is our list of tips and tricks so you can be prepared in case things go south. It will also help ensure you have all the correct procedures in place for a stress-free storm season. PREPARING YOUR HOME GENERAL MAINTENANCE Check the condition of your roof and be sure to repair any loose tiles, eaves or screws. Also, make sure you clean our all the gutters and downpipes to create a clear path for water to flow through. Another easy job that you can… Read More »


Why Landlord’s leave a Property Management Company Just like a baseball and softball game, the general rule of thumb with Landlord’s is three strikes and you are out and a new agency comes in. As an investor myself I’ve used this rule of thumb to move onto a new agency, in fact, anything to do with customer service is generally a three mistake rule. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake every now and then, we are all human of course, but as the errors build up what happens is we lose trust and without trust what do we have? Trust is especially essential in property management, mainly considering we are dealing with people’s largest assets; they need to be able to rely on and trust that we have their… Read More »

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This is the million dollar question in our industry! There are so many different structures now in modern property management businesses there is no longer a magic number. Once upon a time it was between 100 to 150 for a portfolio based property manager doing everything from start to finish. Now with technology advances, virtual assistants and task based specialty roles in place, there is room to move with the ratio of the number of properties to property managers.   There are so many variables to be taken into consideration when deciding this golden number. For example, how close are the properties to the office, type of properties, calibre of tenants, clients that own the property, experience of property manager and systems in the business to name a few. Profitability also plays a huge factor in determining the staff ratios. Employ too many staff… Read More »


Are you one to follow the pack or do you just like having your interiors up to date? If so, here is your guide to picking a colour to plaster all over your walls this year.  PANTONE COLOUR OF THE YEAR  CLASSIC BLUE  Think blue jeans, blueberries and the sky at dusk. This colour will truly make an impact in your home with its bold presence. Although this shade of blue can make such a statement, it also brings about calmness and reassurance to the space. Because it is such a classic colour, we do not have to worry about it going out of style any time soon.  DULUX PREDICTIONS  Grounded This colour palette is uncomplicated and simplistic, it is really just a 2020 take on neutrals. Try warm tones… Read More »


As of January 1st, 2020 singles earning less than $125,000 and couples earning less than $200,000 will only require a 5% minimum deposit. This will vary from region to region and is administered by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC). If you are a lower-income earner looking to enter the property market, now could be your chance, so you will want to get in quick. However, there are a couple of terms and conditions that you need to be aware of, so keep reading for the full lowdown. What is this new First Home Loan Deposit Scheme? This scheme has been implemented in order to allow easier and faster access to the property market for lower-income earners. This scheme will allow the first home buyers to pay a… Read More »


With the big day only a few weeks away we are definitely getting into the Christmas spirit. If you are looking for something to bring to the table on Christmas day we have you covered!  Here is a list of all the greatest Christmas eats that you need to try this festive season.  EDIBLE GIFTS  Mini Choc Puddings  Ingredients: 100g white chocolate, melted 20 milk chocolate balls with chocolate centres 20 red mini sugar-coated chocolates 40 green mini sugar-coated chocolate Method: Place the chocolate in a sealable plastic bag. Cut off 1 corner and pipe onto the top of the chocolate balls, allowing the chocolate to drip down the sides. Decorate with the sugar-coated chocolates to make holly sprigs. Set aside for 5 mins or until chocolate is set. Spiced… Read More »


The Christmas season is officially here and if you don’t already have your tree or your decorations up here is your guide to styling your home like a pro.  THE PERFECT TREE  Want your tree to look like the ones in the shopping centres? Here’s how: Set up your tree according to the instructions on the box. Begin decoring with the lights, working from top to bottom.  Pick a colour scheme (and stick to it!). Try using colours that complement each other and also suit your interior style.  If you are using garland, place that on now, working from top to bottom.  Place the baubles on in a zig-zag order, making sure colours are evenly spaced apart.  Step back a few times during this process to make sure everything is… Read More »


One affliction many agencies and property managers suffer is a blurring of the line between what is legislation and what is company best practice. It is essential to clarify this area if you are preparing for a case at QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal), because what you often think is the right thing, can invariably be simply best practice, or alternatively when you realise you haven’t followed best practice, but it might still be within the realms of what the legislation requires. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it! It actually is, the longer you work in property management or the more agencies you work for, the line between what is actually legislation and what is simply the companies policy or procedure becomes more difficult to determine. It’s not like we keep… Read More »

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When you think about it, selling your home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make in your lifetime. It is true anyone can sell a home, but our role is not to just sell your property but achieve a premium price for it in the shortest time frame possible. With our innovative approach to marketing and selling your property and our unique brand of iThink service, we think you’ll experience a different kind of real estate. Continuing to deliver outstanding service across Ipswich and Toowoomba, you can trust our talented team of sales agents and property managers to work closely with you. With an understanding of your circumstances and goals, our team will openly share their expertise and successful selling strategies to help you achieve… Read More »

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