Is Database building still relevant in Real Estate? All this talk about social media got me thinking about what we did in the past to promote our brand, generate new business and clients. One of the biggest things, just a decade ago, was building your database. The people added to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) were a core supply and source for new business and clients. If done properly, databases are very valuable assets for a business, especially a Real Estate one. Data is so valuable now more than ever! Whilst social media has changed the landscape of marketing and taken it to a whole new level it got me thinking about how relevant are our databases now? Building a database is marketing 101. You generate leads, you add… Read More »


If you are a Blockhead like us you most likely tuned in to the Block finale last night. As we got one last sneak peek at each Brighton home and witnessed some hectic auctions, we decided to breakdown the season and give you a real estate insight as to how The Block actually works! THE LOCATION Located only 11km from Melbourne’s CBD, Brighton offers luxury bayside living at it’s finest. Attracting families and older demographics, the upmarket area has a sale median (for a 5 bedroom property) of a cool $3.8M. A vast majority of the houses within this area boast beautiful Victorian and Edwardian architecture, and the properties tend to have a larger land area, swimming pools, tennis courts, and more! THE HOUSES Reports state that the land each… Read More »


Now more than ever it is important to ensure you have suitable customer service procedures implemented into your business. With access to tools such as Google reviews, REA reviews, Rate My Agent, and countless other review sites, it is easier than ever for someone to leave a bad review if things turn sour. At iThink Property, we pride ourselves in our customer service and we have implemented several systems and processes that have made buying, selling, renting, and investing much more enjoyable. Here are some of our 5 top tips that will help you take your customer service to the next level and have your clients turning into your biggest fans! Go the Extra Mile – What can you offer that other agencies don’t? Little extra things really do mean… Read More »


GETTING STARTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA AS A PROPERTY MANAGER 10 STEPS TO START YOUR SOCIAL JOURNEY – ATTRACT AN IDEAL AUDIENCE OR CLIENTS AND BUILD AN UNFORGETTABLE DIGITAL PROFILE I’m just going to say it, if you’re not on social media and promoting yourself or your business on there, you need to get with the times. So, let’s get with the times. I know just how daunting it can be getting started. Two years ago, I had an idea for a side hustle and didn’t know where to start, and after lots of trial and error, I have managed to grow a following, boost my profile and engage with many likeminded people in the business. It is still a work in progress and like everything in the digital world it… Read More »


The rise of the social media agent is becoming more and more common as the years go on. These days if you are not on social media, you are not seen. Customers are not just looking at the conventional methods (, rate my agent, google) when looking for an agent anymore. It is now more important than ever to have a social media presence and ensure that you are engaging with your audience as often as you can.   Here are some ways you can easily go from 0-100 followers in just a matter of days. So, grab your phone, log on, and let’s get started!  Post Regularly   The number one way to grow your social media following is to post regularly! Inactivity only equates to unfollows. One way to ensure… Read More »


It is most certainly the crazy times we are living in. I keep waiting for this COVID thing to be over, I mean seriously how long does a Pandemic last for! It is becoming most inconvenient now, and I’m most definitely ready for life as we knew it to return. Covid-19 has certainly changed the world we are living in, personally and professionally. There was a slight reprieve mid-year from the craziness and then it went to a whole new level yet again. Victoria hardest hit of course, although New South Wales has faced its fair share of challenges too with an array of community restrictions. Personally, for me, there have certainly been some challenges. Not being able to see my mother in her nursing home for extended periods was… Read More »


Are you across it? Are your Landlord’s across it? You thought you had years to prepare, but all of a sudden the deadline for the new Queensland Smoke Alarm legislation is imminent, pressing a lot closer than you think. I’d been exceptionally nervous if I had a large rent roll to make complaint before the deadline. The deadline for the upgrades is January 1st, 2022, but with around two million households in Queensland as of the last census, there’s going to be a lot of properties requiring the work to make them compliant with the new legislation. We commenced a two-year rollout plan for our management’s from January this year. After meeting with countless smoke alarm companies and electricians, we finally settled on a partner to help us navigate the… Read More »


At iThink Property, we highly value the importance of setting weekly goals, meeting with your sales team, and sales tracking.  Our sales team gets together each Tuesday morning for an hour to talk about the week, set goals, and track our progress. We also use this time to talk strategy, KPI’s, marketing and to get advice from our colleagues. We have set up a spreadsheet that helps us keep track of all of our listings week on week. Here is how we set it up: 1st column: The agent marketing the property.  2nd column: The property address.  3rd column: The current list price. This column is subject to change each week alongside price reductions.  4th column: Offers received throughout the campaign.  5th column: The alignment level. This is the most… Read More »


New season, new interiors…Right? We think YES! With the warmer weather comes bright linens, beautiful florals, and fresh air. And if like us you’re a Queenslander, it also means 30-degree weather. Not only is it important to refresh your home decor when a new season rolls around, but it is also important to do a thorough spring clean. So here are our top styling tips, as well as some spring cleaning tricks you need to try this season! SPRING STYLING TIPS EARTHY AND ORGANIC2020 has truly been the year for indoor plants – but it is now time to level up. Think large scale vertical gardens that make a statement, the bigger the better. Not only do the plants look great, but they can also improve your air quality, boost… Read More »


This week for Think Tank, we sat down the husband and wife duo, Blake and Jayde Price. Both Jayde and Blake are relatively new to the real estate industry and have been making waves ever since they set foot in the iThink office. If you are thinking of becoming an agent or you are also a newbie, you can go watch the episode here. If you want to know their top tips to getting started, keep reading below. Q: How long have you been in the real estate industry? Jayde – I have been in the real estate industry for coming up to 12 months, but only 6 of those have been with iThink Property. Blake – I have been in the real estate industry for 3 weeks. So I… Read More »

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