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Liz  Piraner
Liz Piraner
You’ve all heard the term a ‘real go-getter’ well that personifies Liz down to her core. So, if Liz isn’t working on her portfolio all hours of the day and night, you might find her busy running he non-profit, kicking up a storm at Tae Kwon Do training or rustling up a cow on her family farm.

This country loving lady never stops and her achievements are a real testament to the hard work and energy she puts into everything she does. Liz has worked as a property manager for the past 8 years after being forced into a job by her family, but she hasn’t looked back and now genuinely loves her role. Always up for a challenge, Liz is passionate and friendly and will go above and beyond to help landlords and tenants alike.

iThink Property offered the perfect supportive environment for her to take her career and personal development to the next level

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