Have you heard of Imposter Syndrome? If you have never felt like you belong in any job, or you are always waiting for someone to find out you don’t really know what you are doing, you feel like a fake or a fraud … worse still you can’t take a compliment, you self-sabotage when anything is going good and you are always living in fear of being seen as a failure, then you my friend may just have imposter syndrome.


Don’t panic, yes end of financial year is just around the corner. It really doesn’t have to be as stressful and frantic as we all make it out to be. If you are a homeowner or property investor or both, a little bit of preplanning can save you time and money. Whether you own one rental property or several, the key to a smooth EOYF is organisation. No property investor wants to pay their tax accountant to sift through a shoebox full of receipts, now do they?


I’m going to preface this blog by saying please do as I say, not as I did in the early days of our business. If I’m honest, I wasn’t always a planner, especially for business. In the early days of our Real Estate business, we kind of just winged and said yes to any opportunity that came our way. Starting a rent roll and running a business wasn’t really in my life plan at the time, heck I was going to be a TV presenter! So ,while it worked to a degree for us in the early years, there was a lot of blood, sweat, tears, hard work and rock bottom moments that went into our ‘no planning required’ approach. I guess it was ok as there was only really three of us in the business at that time and we were all simply flying by the seat of our pants. Hanging with bated breath that no sales contracts fell over or we were going to struggle to put food on the table that week, I’m not even exaggerating.


If you’re anything like me, maybe you’ve told yourself things like this before when it comes to meditation. ‘I can’t meditate’, ‘my mind won’t switch off’, ‘I can’t sit still that long’, or ‘meditation just isn’t for me’. Meditation certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you are feeling stressed or anxious, it is honestly one of the best ways to regulate your nervous system and reset your body. Take it from me, I’m a massive convert. I practice meditation daily, sometimes it might only be for 10 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes I sit on my floor, other times I’ll stop in the park or sit by the beach. I really don’t care what people think of they see me sitting or lying somewhere, I’ve learnt to completely zone out and turn my incessant chatter inwards. It’s in those moments of quiet I often have my best ideas, I find solutions to my biggest problems and let my poor overworked nervous system take a well earned breather. This week in our series on stress, Maya from A Conscious State, takes us on a journey to understand Meditation, how to make it work for you, and the benefits to not only you, but everyone in your lives. You’ll be more productive and focused in the workplace, you’ll be a better partner, mother, sister and friend.

 How to Get Started in the Real Estate Industry

real estate

If you’re thinking about starting in property management or you know someone who was keen to jump in, then this is for you. Property Management isn’t for the faint hearted, and to be totally transparent, its hard work, long hours, and a lot of problem solving and conflict resolution. But on the flip side, there’s plenty of rewards. Stick around and find out why you should be part of this dynamic industry. My two children have actually recently started in the industry. My second son Jackson completed his registration course last year, and is now working as a BDM. They were both unsure what they wanted to do after school.

Digital Detox: Why it is good for you and why everyone should do it!

Digital detox

In an era where we are more connected than ever digitally that is, we are actually extremely disconnected from ourselves. Whilst Covid personally, has allowed me precious time to reconnect with my teenage children, I recently realised that the connection I had neglected for so long was the one with myself. It sounds so self-centred and narcissistic doesn’t it, I mean thinking about selves before anyone else, just seems to un-natural. But, it is true when I say the most important person to be connected with is ourselves. Previously, I actually feel quite guilty, selfish even, for suggesting it. As a mother, wife, business owner, employee, entrepreneur, and the various other labels we carry, who is the person we put last, like me I bet for most you, it was or still is yourself. We continually without even realising it for most of us, neglect the all-important connection with ourselves.

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