Renting can get somewhat competitive and in some instances, you may find yourself up against 20+ other applicants vying for the same property. If this is the case, you can’t afford to be negligent with your application as it may just cost you your dream rental. Here are our top tips you should follow to ensure you have an outstanding rental application.

Make Sure You Have All the Correct Documentation

After attending the inspection and you have had a chat with the agent, you should know what you are required to provide with your application. Most agencies will require references, application forms, proof of employment and 100 points of identification. To really set yourself apart from the competition have all this documentation organised, copied and ready to hand to the real estate agent on the day.

Here are some other things you can include in your application that may set you apart and give you a bit of a boost against your competition:
· Cover letter – This is a great way to make a first impression! Keep it formal, but add a bit of personality. It is also a good idea to outline who you are, who your fellow tenants will be and why you would be the best tenant/s for the property.
· Reference letters – Here at iThink Property we contact all your references and get them to complete a short survey, however, any extra evidence or raving review that you can provide will only help your cause.

Apply Online

At iThink Property, we encourage all of our tenants to apply online with our preferred method of applying being 1Form. Not only does this method save you the hassle of printing and copying your documents, but it also allows you to save all your details and use them to apply for multiple properties.

Make Sure Your Housemates are Organised

Although your housemates are not required to attend the inspection with you, it is important that they are also ready to go when it comes to applying. The longer you wait on them the slimmer your chances of securing the property get. If they are late to get their application in and have missing documentation it can also taint your reputation with the agency.

Sit down with your housemates and get all of your documentation organised and submit your application together.

Be Punctual and Presentable

If you have registered to view a property is it important that you show up on time. You also want to make sure you look presentable and put together. If you can show you can be organised, neat and tidy it shows you are keen on the property and that you are taking the process seriously.

Don’t Over Complicate It

It is all good and well to be organised and provide as much information as possible, however, you don’t want to flood the agency with irrelevant information. Follow what is required of you and only submit what the agency requires, otherwise it will just make you look unorganised and make more work for the leasing consultant.

Follow Up

If you have submitted your application and haven’t heard anything for 48 hours it might be a good idea to follow it up with the agency. This will let them know that you are very interested. It is also a good time to ask if they require anything else or need you to chase up extra references.

Other Tips:

· Think like a landlord – If you owned a house, what kind of tenants would you like?
· Offer more – If you really have your heart set on a rental and your application is squeaky clean you might want to offer extra rent to help you secure it.
· Be straight up – There is no point lying on your application because the truth tends to come out one way or another. If you have pets, put them on the application, the worst that can happen is that you will get turned away.
· Check your social media accounts – Nowadays many agencies are doing social media checks before approving applicants. So it might be a good idea to make sure the information you provide on your social media accounts aligns with that of your application.
· Ask for feedback – If you aren’t successful for a particular property ask why. This will help you improve for the next time you apply.


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