With love in the air this month, we thought we’d turn our energies to providing some love tips based on the ancient Chinese art of balancing energies, Feng Shui. Whether you are looking to attract love, spruce up your love life or simply love yourself better Feng Shui may just be the solution to those heart rendering questions.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3000 years ago in China. It teaches how to balance the energies (chi) in any given space – be it home, office or garden – in order to obtain good fortune for the people inhabiting it. Feng Shui has detailed tips for maintaining all aspects of one’s life including better health, successful career, fulfilling love life etc.

Feng Shui for love is one of the most popular topics, and it looks like we’re in luck as there are many powerful tips on offer to attract the energy of love, and a lot of it is as simple as arranging your furniture, changing your bed linen and de-cluttering your closet.



  1. The first step, according to Feng Shui experts, to securing cupids arrow is to initially open yourself up to experience more love.
  2. Once achieved, your bedroom is key. Is it comfortable for two people? If your bed is squished in one corner or hiding behind the door, with only one-night stand? In a love relationship the bed is used by both partner, you need to have balanced Feng Shui energy on both sides, i.e. a bed side table on both sides. Other tips are to move your bed away from the direction of the door and keep it closed at night.
  3. Adding red bed linen is a guaranteed way to sizzle up your love life.
  4. A pair of pink candles in the back right hand corner of the bedroom can add both a spark and a glow to your love life, also attracting a new flame if you are single.
  5. Is there any free space in your closet? A closet that has some breathing room and a free flow of Feng Shui energy is not only promoting better health and more opportunities, but on a practical level there is room for someone else to move in!
  6. Bed, bath and kitchen all need good Feng shui energy in your home. If the energy is low or unbalanced in one of these key rooms it will sooner or later affect your love life.
  7. Can you clearly visualise your life with a partner in it? How would that look, smell, feel or taste? Decorate with those senses in mind, use scents, use strong artwork, use the colour red in your cushions, photos etc. Tip: avoid sad, broken heart pictures if you are looking for love.
  8. Focus on the Southwest area of your space. To locate the love and marriage area of your home simply:
    • Stand at the front door of your home and face the inside of your house
    • Point your hand to the far, far right corner of the inside of your home
    • That is the love area you need to focus on
  9. Apply love-specific Feng Shui cures in this area, such as objects in twos. The placement and direction these face are also important in balancing your love energy. Tip: don’t place spikey plants such as cactus’s in this area.
  10. Tall lights are considered a good Feng Shui cure to activate the fire element and expand energy too. Be sure that the size, look and overall design of your light fixture works well with the design of your room and fits harmoniously with your surroundings.
  11. You might also choose to paint the walls of the missing southwest area in any of the earth fire colours such as sandy/earthy, or red, purple, yellow, coral or orange.
  12. Furniture should be arranged to support communication, so forget where the walls are. Put the front legs of your couch on the rug and people will be encouraged to talk there.