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Houses For Rent in Ipswich and Toowoomba

iThink Property Helps You Rent With Confidence

If you are looking to rent a house or apartment in Ipswich or Toowoomba, let our team of experienced Real Estate Agents and Property Managers assist you. Adept at renting everything from simple units and duplexes to large rural homes and prestigious houses, our dedicated team will go the extra mile to help secure your next rental property. We boast a quality portfolio of rental properties strategically located in the heart of the western growth corridor in Ipswich and the booming regional centre of Toowoomba. iThink Property boasts an experienced team of Property Managers who pride themselves on exceptional attention to detail and a commitment to quality customer service and open communication.


From the minute you apply for a rental property until the day you vacate, our team will ensure your rental experience is simple and seamless. We combine the latest technology with our customer-centric processes to ensure your ability to contact us, have maintenance addressed, disputes resolved and pay your rent is straightforward and stress-free.

Questions & Answers

What do you need to apply to rent?
To rent with iThink Property you will need to have proof of identity, proof of current address, a bill and proof of income. To speed up the process, please have a rental reference available as well.
Can I afford the rent?
When we process an application one of the first things we determine is if you can actually afford the rent. We work off a 30% rule, that is your rent can’t be more than 30% of the total combined income of everyone on the lease.
How long will it take to be approved for a rental property?
At iThink property, we aim to have our application form processed within 48 hours.
How do I pay my rent?
Our preferred method of payment is via our DEFT system. This is an online payment platform that allows you to have your rent direct debited. We offer other payment options as well.
What if I’m listed on TICA?
Most agencies are reluctant to advise if you are listed on TICA, however, if you are being declined by a number of real estate agencies, chances are that you are. The best way to get taken off this list is to clear any outstanding debt with your previous agency.