This week for Think Tank, we sat down the husband and wife duo, Blake and Jayde Price. Both Jayde and Blake are relatively new to the real estate industry and have been making waves ever since they set foot in the iThink office.

If you are thinking of becoming an agent or you are also a newbie, you can go watch the episode here. If you want to know their top tips to getting started, keep reading below.

Q: How long have you been in the real estate industry?

Jayde – I have been in the real estate industry for coming up to 12 months, but only 6 of those have been with iThink Property.

Blake – I have been in the real estate industry for 3 weeks. So I am quite fresh.

Q: What made you want to become a real estate agent?

Jayde – I always enjoyed property and real estate. I went to an information night and fell in love with the industry. I love the flexibility of the job, dealing with different people, and being able to run my own business within a business.

Blake – What appealed to me was probably the flexibility of the job and the ability to reap the rewards of hard work. Those were the standouts to me, especially coming from a 9-5 job. Really being able to work as hard as I want, to earn as much as I want.

Q: What is your favourite part about the industry?

Jayde – I like it all! Dealing with clients is great and being able to put in what you want to receive out of the industry.

Blake – Mine would probably be the reward of helping somebody out and the good that comes from it at the end of the sale.

Q: What are some things you did that really helped you gain some traction when you first started?

Jayde – Being on the phone and constantly talking to people. You also need to get out and about and have the right conversations with the right people. Having good dialogue and back yourself up with confidence – if you aren’t confident, fake it till you make it. Don’t be afraid of rejection.

Blake – Call people and create a network of contacts. These conversations may help you in the next few weeks, or they could even come in handy in the next 12 months.

Q: What conversations were you having with vendors if they were hesitant about your limited experience?

Jayde – Flip it on its head and not let them know. Use your team to build traction and cement your name in the industry.

Blake – Reassure them you have a great team behind you. Be authentic and speak of your agency’s success. Results speak for themself.

Q: What are your top tips for agents first starting out?

Jayde – Don’t be afraid to get out there and be hit with rejection. For every door that closes, another opens. Just meet more people, get out and about in the community, and make a name for yourself.

What are some of you favourite real estate related resources?

Jayde – Think Tank of course! And I have also found that my subscription to Real Estate Gym has been fantastic. It has provided me with some great resources I have implemented into my practice.

And that’s it for this week! A massive thank you to Jayde and Blake for their amazing insight into the life of a new agent. If you would like to stay up to date with them, you can check out their socials, here: