You’ve found your dream home online. The photos look amazing, the description ticks all your boxes, and the price is just right. But how do you know if it’s really the one for you? The virtual tour and 3D walkthrough can only show you so much. What you really need is to get inside and experience it for yourself. That’s where open homes come in. Whether you’re a buyer trying to find your perfect property or a seller showcasing your place to potential purchasers, open homes are invaluable. Stepping through the front door of your potential new abode or watching buyers explore the home you’ve lovingly made your own gives you insights you simply can’t get any other way. In this article, we’ll explore why open homes are so important in real estate for both buyers and sellers.

What Are Open Homes?

Open Homes, also known as Open Houses, are when sellers open up their property to allow potential buyers to view the home. As a buyer, Open Homes are a great opportunity for you to see what’s on the market and view homes that interest you, all without needing an appointment.

Why attend Open Homes?

As a buyer, attending Open Homes allows you to get a feel for different areas and the types of homes available in your price range. You can view the floor plan and layout, check what features and fixtures the home offers and determine if the home suits your needs – all without the pressure of the selling agent. Open Homes also allow you to compare homes you’re interested in to determine which one is the best fit.

Should sellers host Open Homes?

For sellers, hosting an Open Home allows more potential buyers to view your property. More viewers mean a higher chance of receiving an offer. Open Homes also create a sense of competition among buyers who have attended, as they can see how much interest there is in the home. This frequently prompts buyers to make an offer quickly after the open house.

Ultimately, whether you’re buying or selling, Open Homes provide an opportunity to gather valuable information to help you make the best decision. As a collaborative process, open houses benefit both buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

Benefits of Attending Open Homes for Buyers

Attending open homes is one of the best ways to find your dream home as a buyer.

Rather than just seeing photos online or in listings, you can tour the actual home. Walk through each room, check out the layout and flow, note any needed repairs or renovations, and get a feel for whether it’s right for you. There’s no substitute for an in-person visit.

Interact with the Agent

The listing agent will be on hand to answer any questions you have about the home, neighbourhood, recent sales, and more. You can get their input on the property and start building a relationship. If you end up interested in making an offer, you’ll already have a connection with the agent.

Avoid the Hassle of Private Showings

With open homes, you can view properties on your own schedule without having to book private showings. This saves you time and hassle, allowing you to see more options. You might find your perfect place at an open house you wouldn’t have otherwise scheduled a visit for.

Gauge Interest from Other Buyers

Attending the open house also allows you to see how many other interested buyers turn out. If it’s a popular showing, that’s a sign the property is in high demand. You can then decide whether you want to act fast with an offer or look at less competitive options.

Open homes provide an easy, low-pressure way for buyers to find and view properties for sale. Take advantage of open houses in your area to increase your odds of finding a home you’ll love. The benefits for both sides make it worth the effort in the end.


How Open Homes Help Sellers

Open Homes, also known as Open Houses, are a prime opportunity for sellers to showcase their property to prospective buyers. By opening your home to the public for a few hours, you’ll gain valuable exposure and the chance to connect with interested parties face to face.

Build Interest and Generate Leads

An Open Home allows buyers to view your property firsthand and determine if it meets their needs. They can see the layout, condition, and features in person rather than just in photos. This helps build interest in the listing and generates solid leads for your agent to follow up on. Serious buyers will often return for a private second viewing.

Make a Great First Impression

You’ve heard you only have one chance to make a good first impression. An Open Home allows you to present your property in the best possible light. Do some light staging, declutter, clean, and ensure everything is in working order. Play soft music, bake some cookies, and make your place feel warm and inviting. A great first impression can motivate buyers to take the next step.

Answer Questions and Address Concerns

Buyers will likely have questions about the home that photos alone can’t answer. An Open Home gives you and your agent the opportunity to address concerns directly and provide additional details about the property’s features, recent upgrades, neighbourhood amenities, and more. This can help reassure buyers and overcome any objections, bringing them one step closer to making an offer.

Generate Competitive Interest

Seeing other potential buyers exploring the property in person during an Open Home can motivate interested parties to take swift action. They realise there is competition for the home and may need to act fast if they want to make it their own. This sense of urgency and demand can lead to the submission of solid offers, and in some cases, a bidding war. For sellers, competitive interest is an ideal scenario.

Open Homes are a time-tested strategy for showcasing a property, making a great first impression, and motivating serious buyers to act. When done right, an Open Home event can lead to new leads, overcome objections, create a sense of urgency, and ultimately, generate the competitive interest needed to get top dollar for your home.


Top Tips for Making the Most of an Open Home

Attending open homes is one of the best ways to find your dream home. Whether you’re buying or selling, here are some tips to make the most of an open home visit:

Do your research

Before attending an open home, learn as much as you can about the property and neighbourhood. Check online listings for details and photos. The more you know in advance, the better questions you can ask the agent. This shows you’re a serious buyer.

Arrive on time

Aim to arrive in the first 30 minutes of opening. This allows you to view the home without distraction and ensures you get the agent’s full attention. Late arrivals often feel rushed and miss important details.

Focus on key features

Pay attention to things that are hard to change like the home’s layout, lighting, storage space and outdoor areas. Look past superficial decor and furnishings which can be customised to your tastes. Think about how the rooms flow together and if the floor plan meets your needs.

Ask good questions

Don’t be afraid to ask the agent questions about the home and neighbourhood. An open home is your opportunity to determine if the property is right for you before making an offer. Ask about amenities, schools, transportation, and any planned developments. The agent should be knowledgeable and willing to address all your concerns.

Take your time

View the entire home carefully at your own pace. Walk through all rooms, checking the condition of windows, plumbing, electrical systems and fixtures. Look in cabinets, closets, the basement and attic. Finding major issues later could affect your offer or decision to purchase. Take notes or photos to review again after leaving the open home.

With the right mindset and preparation, attending open homes can be an exciting part of the home buying journey. Do your due diligence, focus on what really matters to you and be ready to take advantage of the perfect opportunity when it presents itself. The keys to your dream home could be just an open home away!


Open Home Etiquette – What You Need to Know

When attending an open home, whether as a buyer or seller, there are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind. Following these guidelines will ensure a positive experience for all involved.

Dress Appropriately

As a buyer, you want to make a good first impression. Dress in business or smart casual attire. For sellers, also dress professionally to greet potential buyers.

Be Respectful

Treat the home, and everyone in it, with courtesy. Do not slam doors or touch surfaces unnecessarily. Use your “inside voice” and avoid loud conversations on mobile phones. Ask questions respectfully and avoid criticism of the property or décor.

Follow the Rules

The listing agent or seller will communicate any rules for the open home, e.g. removing shoes, limiting attendees, etc. Carefully follow all instructions to avoid issues. Some homes may have secured areas—do not enter any rooms marked “private”.

Ask Good Questions

As a buyer, come prepared with questions about the property to make the most of your visit. However, avoid questions unrelated to the actual home or that could make others uncomfortable. Keep questions focused and concise.

Make an Exit

Once you have seen what you came for, politely thank the host and make your way to the exit in a timely fashion. Do not overstay or delay other attendees from viewing the property. If interested in the home as a buyer, get in touch with the listing agent to express your interest and ask any follow up questions.

Following these tips will ensure a positive experience for buyers, sellers, and agents at an open home. With courtesy and respect, open homes can be an valuable tool for both buying and selling property.


So there you have it – the power of open homes for buyers and sellers. By taking the time to hold regular open homes and attend others in your area, you can gain valuable insights and exposure that may just give you the edge. For buyers, it’s a chance to get a true feel for properties and neighbourhoods. And for sellers, it’s an opportunity to showcase your home’s best features. Just remember, open homes aren’t the be-all and end-all. But used right alongside other marketing and research tactics, they can be a real game-changer. So embrace their possibilities – you never know what open home joys or bargains await you!