You have decided to sell your home, buy another property or maybe invest in one. The next step is finding a real estate agent who will be able to get you the best results possible. Ultimately, in terms of selling your home, choosing the right real estate agent can be the difference between seeing that sold sticker out the front of your property or it still being on the market, costing you money. It is without a doubt to have a real estate agent that is knowledgeable about the industry, has a history of strong and recent results in your chosen suburb, and has a mutual understanding of the desired outcome.

To gain some insight and understanding of a person, you would simply ask questions to get to know them. So, that’s what you need to do for potential agents, ask as many questions as possible to see if they’re the right fit for you. According to, some recommended questions that you should ask potential agents include:

Are other agents who work at the company incentivised to introduce buyers?

At iThink Property, our agents work collaboratively with each other when it comes to buying and selling. As a team, we strive for the best results for every client, therefore introduce buyers and sellers regularly.

Does the agency have its own auctioneer or does it use an external auctioneer?

At iThink Property, we have our own in-house Auctioneer, Clint Donovan, who has been in the industry for 20 years selling properties and is also a current Sales and Marketing Consultant at iThink. Clint has made a name for himself as one of Australia’s highest achieving Auctioneers both in real estate and at Magic Millions sales.

What experience do you have selling similar properties in the area?

iThink Property has had several years of experience within the Ipswich, Toowoomba, Springfield, and Gold Coast regions. iThink Property is a leading independent brand with unique points of difference. Our agents sit down with you and discuss ways to get the best results, looking to compare previous success stories that are similar to your property.

How much are your marketing fees?

Each marketing package is tailor to you and your marketing budget. We also offer no upfront marketing and payment plan, and no obligation property valuations.


To assist in finding the right real estate agent for you, here are some helpful tips that will provide a clearer path throughout the process.

Conduct Research

Research. Research. Research. Look into many potential agents that are working in your area of selling or buying and put together a shortlist. Research the number of listing they currently have, previous sales, and how they market properties and the agency.

Look for Local Knowledge

You don’t want an agent that does not know the area you want to buy or sell in, you want an agent that has a history in the area and understands trends within the region. An agent who knows the local scene can assess your home or potential homes as it sites in the market, alongside similar properties.

Visit Agents in Action

Like a car, you need to take a potential agent for a test drive before deciding on one. It’s best to go to open for inspections that your shortlisted agents are running to see how they present properties and how they interact with buyers and sellers. It can also be a good time to say hello and get some contact details.

Think about who has Your Best Interests at Heart

Being honest and transparent in the process of searching for an agent is imperative, do they have your best interests at heart? You need to uncover what you are looking for and ask those questions. If an agent isn’t bringing you the right options, it’s evident they aren’t performing for you. 

Listen to Your Gut Feeling 

Do you feel comfortable with the agent? Sometimes it’s not so much the experience rather it’s the person you are interacting with. You need to make sure you are fully comfortable with the agent, comfortable enough to have open and honest communications.

Check out Past Results

Scouting an agent’s past results can be a key indicator of the type of agent they are. Making sure you look at properties the agent has sold recently, look into the hard facts such as sale prices and the time on the market.

Set Benchmarks Early

When discussing objectives with an agent, an indication that they are truly a good real estate agent is if they are armed with different strategies to sell your home or buy a new home. Strategies should include points on presentation, marketing, and negotiation so vendors can make decisions at the start of the campaign.

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