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It is something every new real estate agent or business development manager dreads, cold calling. Surely with all the new ways to communicate, we don’t need to actually speak with anyone anymore, do we? Ah Yes, you do! I can personally vouch for the importance of picking up the phone and calling people as opposed to hiding behind emails, Facebook, or Insta DM’s. The reason, it is so much harder to say “No” to someone in person than it is in an email or other message form. It is also more personal, you’ve had to make more of an effort which translates to, you are more desperate for the business, and you can really gauge off a person by actually talking to them and start building that all-important trust.  For… Read More »


THE PROS AND CONS OF SELLING USING THE AUCTION PROCESS There is so much fear and confusion around Auctioning properties from buyers and sellers. This is despite the popularity of a number of TV shows that showcase auctions regularly. In layman’s terms Auction, just like Private Treaty, is a process to sell a property. The major difference to private treaty on the surface is that there is no price placed on the property, instead, the price is determined by the process of bidding for the property and ultimately decided upon by the highest bidder. If it wasn’t for being introduced and trained on the Auction process, iThink Property Principal Ben Walker would have ended his real estate career very abruptly. “I nearly walked away from real estate, until I was… Read More »


There is nothing like a crisis to throw your well-laid business plans into chaos. There isn’t a business globally that hasn’t been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Depending on how you look at it you can either be at the mercy of the situation and let it take hold of you and potentially destroy your business, or you can look it in the eye and say, “challenge accepted”. While many businesses have no choice but to cut costs and lay off staff currently, others will be adopting a ‘just in case’ mentality and cutting expenses due to the unknown circumstances we are all facing, while others are probably reacting to well-meant financial advice. Usually, the first thing to go is money or budgets for advertising and marketing, but is this… Read More »


We know that selling your house is a major life decision. We also understand that you may be confused and have an endless amount of questions you need to be answered before signing the dotted line. Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions our agents get asked when meeting with vendors. 1. AUCTION OR PRIVATE TREATY This decision is entirely up to you as the vendor, however, we do pride ourselves on our unique auction events and our strong 4-week auction campaigns. Private Treaty – This means you list your property at a price and those who place an offer have the chance to put conditions on the sale. It also opens you up to a bigger market, as the buyer has the chance to get their finances… Read More »

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When you think about it, selling your home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make in your lifetime. It is true anyone can sell a home, but our role is not to just sell your property but achieve a premium price for it in the shortest time frame possible. With our innovative approach to marketing and selling your property and our unique brand of iThink service, we think you’ll experience a different kind of real estate. Continuing to deliver outstanding service across Ipswich and Toowoomba, you can trust our talented team of sales agents and property managers to work closely with you. With an understanding of your circumstances and goals, our team will openly share their expertise and successful selling strategies to help you achieve… Read More »


It is Auction week here at iThink and we are looking forward to another successful event under the stars. Over the last few months we have sold x properties through the auction method and We strongly believe in the auction process; it brings all potential buyers out of the woodwork and generally results in a quicker, less complicated sales process. THE PROS OF AUCTION They are held at a certain time and a certain place They create competition They create urgency There are set terms There are three opportunities to sell your property: The first is prior to the auction, provided you are presented with a favourable offer. Secondly, under the hammer and finally, you have the opportunity to sell your property post auction.  OUR 4 WEEK PROCESS Prior to… Read More »


With the warmer weather rolling in, you may think now is the perfect time to sell your home. In the past spring has been the peak season for selling your home, and it is not just because of the weather. Here are the top things you need to know about buying and selling in the spring season. THE 2019 SPRING MARKET Throughout 2019 we have experienced an everchanging market, however, we are slowly starting to see housing prices creep back up compared to the 2018 spring market. Buyers are back and they are experiencing ideal buying conditions. This is due to a few factors, firstly, the recent federal election result and tax incentives have helped improve market confidence. Alongside this, we have had two interest rate cuts, making it easier… Read More »


Why Cheap isn’t alway’s Cheerful when Selling your Home or in Property Management Yes, the point of having a property whether you live in it or whether it is an investment is to make money, and whether your strategy is long term or short term, make no mistakes you need to have your figures worked out. When it comes to your biggest asset, is it really is time to be skimping on costs and penny-pinching? Like every other industry when it comes to real estate you really do get what you pay for. Let’s take the recent example of a so-called disrupter to the real estate sales industry, who have recently left the market with their tail between their legs. They came into the market offering low commissions and no… Read More »


Are you an investor who has decided it is time to sell your rental property? Or are you a tenant residing in a property that is on the market? No matter your situation, it is important to know your rights during the sale process. Ensuring that the entire sale process runs smoothly and no parties are upset or adversely affected is extremely important. Here are a few things you need to consider when selling your investment property, or even living in a property that is on the market.     LANDLORDS   Firstly, it is important to assess why you are selling the property and to thoroughly weigh up your options. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you need the money? – Is the cost of owning an investment property… Read More »


Think auction might be the best way to sell your home? With our second auction event for the year approaching this Friday, we look at the benefits of hosting in-room auction events, and why you might consider it for your next sale.   ABOUT OUR EVENTS   At iThink Property, we like to do Real Estate different and our Auction events are really like no other. We host community inclusive Auction events at popular local venues that help create a real buzz in the local community and more importantly for the properties we are looking to auction. Our Auction Events are also generating some outstanding results for our sellers and buyers. We strongly believe in the auction process; it brings all potential buyers out of the woodwork and generally results… Read More »

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