As a property manager or sales agent, you always want to ensure you are presenting each property in the best light. One sure-fire way to do this to get some professional photographs. Strong, beautiful images can make your house listings stand out, in turn getting you more calls, get more inspections, and sell faster.

With hundreds of properties hitting the market each day you want to ensure your listing is the one they click on. But why a professional? Here are some of the reasons why we enlist a professional and what it has done to benefit our listings and clients. 

The first reason is, of course, the most obvious: Taking photographs is their job. They know how to make areas look brighter, larger and more inviting. Professional photographers know what areas will look best, and what angles will best capture the most desirable attributes of your home. They may even capture angles/areas of the property that you may have overlooked. Alongside their ability to work a camera they also have the retouching skills to enhance photos and make them seem more appealing.

Secondly, a professional photographer understands the importance of light and staging, they also have the equipment for it. This includes lights, a top-quality camera, and the best lenses to capture properties. Their professional experience also comes in handy as they can usually go in and get the shots they need promptly. 

If photos entice potential buyers/renters in, it’s important to have the right photos displayed. Generally, it is handy to have a photographer in-house or a list of suppliers that you work with every week. However, it doesn’t hurt for you to know the photographs you need to create the best advertising and marketing collateral. Some of the photos you need are:

  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • The master bedroom
  • The backyard
  • The view (if you have one)
  • Smaller areas such as powder rooms
  • If there are custom features to the house, for example, heritage ceilings or custom-made built-ins.
  • Exterior – Always make sure there is at least one photo of the front of the house.

Draw on people’s emotions with excellent photography. It can potentially get you selling/renting for a higher price. 

Finally, not only are the professional photographs good for marketing the property, but they are also great for marketing you and your agency. If potential vendors or landlords see the level of professionalism in your listings, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors. 

Some great ways you can also up your professional photography game are:

  • Include drone shots: This is especially important if the property is large and is situated on land. 
  • Get a floor plan: This is also a great way to appeal to more buyers who may not necessarily be able to make it to an inspection. 
  • Look Into Video Content: In recent years we have seen property videos become more popular. They are exciting and different, they also give you an edge over every other property on the market. They are also great to get sharing around on social media. Even if it is just a walk-through video.
  • Style it Up: Property styling and staging has become super popular in recent years. Stagers and property stylists have a good eye for how to present a space and make it seem more appealing. It can help the buyer envision themselves in the space as it remains depersonalised. This is particularly great for empty rentals! 

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