Open Homes are like first dates, you only get one chance to make an impression.


When it comes to selling your house the open homes are a very important process, for those looking to buy the difference between a well presented house and one that is rather drowsy could get you the extra interest or get the buyers to the sale price that you are after. The goal of an open is to showcase the property to potential buyers and generate interest. By staging your property in an appealing way you are much more likely to get the results you desire.


Below we have some great ideas and advice on how to get for Open Homes.

  • If you are thinking of selling your house, start thinking about how you want it to look. The earlier you start preparing for Open Homes the better. By having your property in tip top condition as soon as it goes on the market you’ll already be a step ahead.
  • DE-CLUTTER, for most we are fortunate enough to have more than we need. Having to many things makes a home look very cluttered. If you don’t use it, donate it or give it away. Guaranteed by de-cluttering and getting rid of those unnecessary goods you and the house will look and feel fresher!
  • Having a clean home for all Open Inspections is very beneficial. If your home smells and looks clean you are creating a great environment for viewers. Don’t let an untidy home distract potential buyers, keep them focused on buying your home!


  • Most buyers will assess if they want to look at a property further just from the street appeal. So don’t forget to keep those hedges trimmed, paths clean and clear and grass cut. Tip: If your house is looking just as good or even better than your neighbours this will appeal to buyers even more.
  • Get those DIY jobs done around the house!

Set of construction tools. House renovation background.

  • Give them something to remember about each and every room, give it a purpose so that the viewers can recall back each space in the house and how you use it or how they can use it.
  • Keep in mind people are looking for space! In every room consider changes or added extras that can help to create a flow and the effect that the room feels larger.
  • Let there be light, open those curtains and crack a few windows to get that natural light through. A few lights on inside the house for the opens will always add to natural lights and illuminate internal spaces.


  • A personal touch here and here helps your home feel less stagey or artificial, and can spark an emotional connection with a buyer.
  • Coordinate with your agent and be ready to head out for a short time, taking any other family members or inhabitants with you (including the pets). Have a timetable of all planned inspections somewhere central, and a copy to take with you.

If you use these tips and reflect on the information you are sure to get the most out of selling your house and having a successful Open Home!