There is always a buzz in the property market once Spring is in the air.  Realistically anytime of the year is prime time to sell, however, it seems spring is still widely considered the best time of the year to sell.

Many consider homes to be presented in their very best light at this time of the year,  gardens are blooming,  leaves are on the trees not filling gutters and mulching lawns, homes are filled with light and  warmth, in fact the temperature is perfect for open homes any time of the day. For others it is considered prime season for buyers. For family buyers it is that idyllic time of year when winter sports are ending and summer sports are in their infancy and weekends are gloriously free and serious consideration is given to purchasing a new home to settle into for the summer. For others it may simply be time to come out of hibernation and see what the property market has to offer.

Whatever your reasons for selling this spring here’s some great tips to help you get your property in blooming great shape.


Clean and Declutter – One of the first steps after putting your home on the market is to focus on making it presentable. For some this might mean just moving some furniture, for others it might mean helping to kick start ‘spring cleaning’. There is certainly no better time to de-clutter than with the windows open for the first time after a stuffy winter!

Finish projects and repairs  – This step will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises during the sale process and fix any problems that you find. Now is the time to complete any home improvement projects you have under way and make any and all necessary repairs to your home. You’ll most likely find a buyer more quickly and the sale process will be much smoother if everything that needs to be done is taken care of before you lost your property. If you have additional home improvement projects planned, make sure they can be finished in a short amount of time.


Eliminate odors – Don’t mask household odors with air fresheners, which can be overwhelming and cause allergies in many people. Rather, include freshly cut flowers, the scent of fresh cinnamon boiled on the stove (but remove the pot before the showing), or fresh apples and cookies placed in plain sight in the kitchen.


Make it their home not yours – While you might love your aubergine walls, there’s a good chance that most buyers won’t. Many buyers want to see a blank canvas where they can inject their own personality. In order to make your home appeal to the largest possible audience, paint your walls in neutral colors in a matt finish.

Stage – An important part of showing your home, staging can be done yourself or by professionals. Place furniture to maximize the feelings of space and light in your home, with an eye to how rooms flow into each other. If your decor isn’t cutting it, you can move your belongings into storage and rent furniture and artwork from a home staging service on a monthly basis.


Spruce up your curb appeal – The first part of your home that buyers will see is your yard. Believe it or not, buyers will make up their mind whether they like your house from your curb appeal. Take the time and tidy around plant beds with new mulch, cut and trim your lawn and remove unsightly plants and debris. Clean up your front entry, porch furniture and beautify with fresh potted plants to ensure your front entry area is ready to welcome guests.

Do your homework –  Research what other homes in your neighbourhood that have recently sold or are currently up for sale are offering. Compare their sale prices, home area, amenities and how long their home has been on the market. This will give you an idea of how much to ask for, for the sale of your home, as well as what upgrades your competition offers(ed). This is important, to help you determine how much money you will need to spend to be competitive as well as gauge what home buyers are looking for.


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