It’s the million dollar question, how important is professional photography in real estate? Will they have an impact on the overall transaction? We can certainly answer both those questions with a resounding YES, whether it is sales or rentals, the answer is still a resounding YES. Never has there been such a demand for quality marketing ingredients to become successful in today’s market, and it is certainly no surprise that listings with great photos allow a seller and landlord to get a higher asking price and attracts as many potiential buyers or tenants as possible.  Today’s buyers and tenants scan through thousands of listings every day, the fastest way to get their attention and make them stop at your property is through stunning pictures.

Here’s just a few reasons why professional photography counts:

  • They know your house. They are experts, looking through their lenses they know how to match the right light, a stunning angle with décor and correct focus. Ultimately they know how all these factors come together to contribute to an incredible result and ideally let the photos speak about the property for itself.
  • They make your home stand out. With an ever busy, time poor society we live in, you need photos that are going to grab attention quickly. Statistics point out that listings with professional photos have better chances to catch the eye of buyers or tenants than ones with poor quality images.
  • They grab the attention. With more than 90% of today’s homebuyers searching the internet for properties before attending any open homes, it has never been more important to present your home in the best possible light, there is no second chance. Same goes for tenants with quality photos you attract the right tenants from the start.




  • They help you sell or rent the property faster. The first step to persuade viewers that a property is worth their time and money is through astonishing photos. Even for an auction the more potential bidders, the more chances for you to get a better price.
  • They make people remember your home. Working with an experienced photographer is always an asset. They make the difference in what concerns meeting the marketing needs of a listing; but good quality photos stimulate imagination.
  • They give you more chances to sell. More visitors and viewers equals more chances to sell faster for a better price. A poorly advertised property is always harder to sell or rent.
  • They get to the emotion. Amazing photos impress and trigger emotion and emotion is what sells. If buyers or tenants can imagine themselves living in your well photographed property, your job is done.
  • They make the ordinary look extraordinary. Compare yourself, a how many times have you looked at a property and thought, these photos look terrible. Don’t waste valuable time and delay your chances of selling and renting, photos do make the difference when it comes to selling or renting.