It’s all about the feelings when it comes to entering a home. The look, the feels, and even the smells. When selling your home, you want it to look its absolute best for the potential buyers who walk through the door.

You may have previous heard of the phrase “staging” and laughed, but in reality, it is an effective tool that home owners selling forget or fail to use. Staging ultimately refers to the process of styling or furnishing a property for sale to enhance its attractiveness. When a home is staged right, a potential buyer should be able to imagine themselves moving in and living there. By home staging you have the potential to increase the value of your home and also decrease the total amount of time a home is on the market.

Some top ways to stage your home are:

De-personalise the space

An important objective when staging is that you want to help those prospective buyers to visualise the space as their own, to enable them to imagine different layouts and furniture in the home. A fast way to accomplish this is to present, essentially, a blank canvas. Start by removing any personal photographs within your home, both framed photos on walls and surfaces. In addition, keep clothing stored away and out of sight and clear counters of personal items in bathrooms and bedrooms. By taking away personal items you will still be able to have style and charm that is useful for helping buyers better connect with the property.

Clean like you have never cleaned before

It is a given that cleaning a property well before putting it on the market is imperative. You want all areas within the home to shine, from the skirtings to the ceiling corners and everywhere in between needs to be fresh and clean. First impressions are what counts when people enter the home, so walking into a home that’s dust and dirt free will make all the difference. If your home is on the larger side or you may not be able to dedicate that time to clean, then it be worth hiring a professional to do the cleaning for you.

Furniture repositioning is key

When it comes to rearranging furniture before you sell, you need to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. To give the visitors an appealing living space, try turning the couch seats and other seats towards each other to create an inviting conversation area. Also, you want to maximise the spaces, so make sure to move and space furniture well so that the area doesn’t look smaller, ensure your furniture isn’t pressed up against walls.

Appeal to the senses

Feeling at home is made easy when objects and sensory items are introduced to a space. Having an inviting, calm and minimalistic interior is important when buyers walked through to inspect the home. Introducing some appealing smells into the house can make all the difference, baking cookies or burning some scented candles is the perfect touch. Turn on all the lights in the home so that all aspects of the rooms are clearly visible and so buyers can see the space as it is. Additionally, give each of the rooms more light by opening curtains or blinds to let in natural light and show off any views from different perspectives.  

Maximise the outside view of your home

To truly capture the eye of potential buyers, the frontal aspect of your home is highly important because it’s the first thing that is seen when visiting the house. By giving the yard a fresh cut, adding some colourful plants and flowers and power washing walkways of the exterior, the home will be as appealing as the inside. To add that final touch, check the front door, doorbell, address number and welcome mat to make sure all aspects are visible and clear when people arrive.

We hope these tips help you to stage your home well when the time comes to sell.

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