Social media is just going to be one of those things that is constantly changing. It seems to feel like you log off for 5 minutes and you have missed about 5 days worth of content and you are completely behind the eight ball…However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Week upon week new tools, apps, websites, and programs are getting released to help you lift your social media presence. Here are the top tools we use, how we use them, and a few extra tips you can implement to be on top of your game. 


Instagram and Facebook scheduling and content creation tools have been around for years now, however, it can be a little overwhelming to know which ones to sign up for (and spend the money on). 

Firstly, let’s talk scheduling. Not only can you batch our week after week of content all in one go, but you can also gain access to some pretty handy analytics to help you in your further social media quests. 

Hootsuite: This program allows you to schedule posts across various media channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter included. You also have the ability to plan future campaigns, manage your engagement and draft various social posts. You can access this program for free, however, if you upgrade you will also have access to analytics, insights, and extra features. 

Later: This program is suited for more of a creative type – as it only caters for Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok scheduling. However, it also offers additional features (at a paid subscription) like hashtag suggestions,, and SCHEDULING INSTAGRAM STORIES – If you are an Instagram fanatic or social media guru you will understand how exciting this is.

Facebook Business Suite: In late 2020, Facebook launched its revamped scheduling program Facebook Business Suite. It offers all of the same features as Hootsuite and Later completely free and all from your Facebook Business Centre. They are yet to roll out Instagram Story Scheduling in Australia though but believe us, we will be shouting it from the rooftops once they do. 


Not all of us can afford to have a graphic designer or creative genius on hand, so if there is anything that is going to make your life easier in this department, it’s Canva. 

Canva has ready-made templates created by graphic designers for those people who can’t tell pink from purple. Their super simple drag and drop format makes creating outstanding Instagram content so incredibly easy. If you upgrade to a Pro account you also have the ability to upload your brand kit – fonts, colours, logos, etc, to further ensure you are remaining on-brand with the rest of your content. 

Some other content creation apps we love and have recently discovered are:

Mojo – This is the coolest app that will take your Instagram Stories to the next level. Create sleek videos using the templates provided to promote products, showcase your latest content, and even just spice up your photos. 

UnUm: If you are extremely OCD about how your profile feed looks, this is the app for you. It allows you to pre-plan your posts and shows them on your account grid before they are published, so you can ensure you remain on-brand throughout all your posts. 

Tone Studio App: It’s basically photoshop and lightroom for dummies! Automatic presets for photo and video, with all the editing tools that professional photographers use right at your fingertips. It is super simple and easy to use and takes your everyday photos to the next level. Not so much #nofilter, but don’t tell anyone that… 


TikTok and Reels have become everyday vocabulary these days, but what can they actually do to help you boost your profile. 

Reels: Surely most of you have an already established Instagram profile, so Reels are a great place to start. Instagram reels are catchy, short-form videos varying from 3-30seconds in length, that you can create within the Instagram app using a mix of text, music, stickers, and other special effects. They are a highly addictive form of content and with the recent changes to the Instagram app, more and more users are finding themselves accidentally clicking on Reels and getting stuck for hours on end. 

Reel content lasts way longer than general feed posts, meaning you have the ability to reach new audiences for days after you post. This in turn helps you boost your discoverability, and they also help you grow your business as you can educate your audience, provide value, show your personality and remain different and relatable. Plus, Reels are so hot right now! 

TikTok: This platform is somewhat hard to pick…Audiences range from young children to grandparents, so it is quite difficult to judge if your audience is on the app. Some of the benefits are – increasing your brand awareness, growing your audience, and the ability to capture cool, catchy video content with the touch of a button. TikTok also has location-based algorithms that allow you to reach potential clients in your area and convert them to paying customers. All-in-all it is a bit of light-hearted fun and if it benefits your business, we say GO FOR IT! 

To grow your TikTok quickly, jump on, have a scroll, and see what is trending. Then adapt these trends to your business, use the sound and relevant hashtags and wait for the support to roll in. 

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