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The rise of the social media agent is becoming more and more common as the years go on. These days if you are not on social media, you are not seen. Customers are not just looking at the conventional methods (, rate my agent, google) when looking for an agent anymore. It is now more important than ever to have a social media presence and ensure that you are engaging with your audience as often as you can.   Here are some ways you can easily go from 0-100 followers in just a matter of days. So, grab your phone, log on, and let’s get started!  Post Regularly   The number one way to grow your social media following is to post regularly! Inactivity only equates to unfollows. One way to ensure… Read More »


It is most certainly the crazy times we are living in. I keep waiting for this COVID thing to be over, I mean seriously how long does a Pandemic last for! It is becoming most inconvenient now, and I’m most definitely ready for life as we knew it to return. Covid-19 has certainly changed the world we are living in, personally and professionally. There was a slight reprieve mid-year from the craziness and then it went to a whole new level yet again. Victoria hardest hit of course, although New South Wales has faced its fair share of challenges too with an array of community restrictions. Personally, for me, there have certainly been some challenges. Not being able to see my mother in her nursing home for extended periods was… Read More »


At iThink Property, we highly value the importance of setting weekly goals, meeting with your sales team, and sales tracking.  Our sales team gets together each Tuesday morning for an hour to talk about the week, set goals, and track our progress. We also use this time to talk strategy, KPI’s, marketing and to get advice from our colleagues. We have set up a spreadsheet that helps us keep track of all of our listings week on week. Here is how we set it up: 1st column: The agent marketing the property.  2nd column: The property address.  3rd column: The current list price. This column is subject to change each week alongside price reductions.  4th column: Offers received throughout the campaign.  5th column: The alignment level. This is the most… Read More »


New season, new interiors…Right? We think YES! With the warmer weather comes bright linens, beautiful florals, and fresh air. And if like us you’re a Queenslander, it also means 30-degree weather. Not only is it important to refresh your home decor when a new season rolls around, but it is also important to do a thorough spring clean. So here are our top styling tips, as well as some spring cleaning tricks you need to try this season! SPRING STYLING TIPS EARTHY AND ORGANIC2020 has truly been the year for indoor plants – but it is now time to level up. Think large scale vertical gardens that make a statement, the bigger the better. Not only do the plants look great, but they can also improve your air quality, boost… Read More »


When it comes to an x-factor in business you have to be brave, you have to think outside the square and you have to take a risk. Virtual assistants have turned out to be that x-factor in our business. A Virtual Assistant is a multi-skilled, self-driven, who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely or from a home office.If you’re not familiar with a virtual assistant in real estate they are basically, usually foreigners working from somewhere like India or the Philippines who assist your business with the administrative tasks. While there are savings in terms of wages, tax and super, probably the biggest saving though for a small business is the saving it takes in the time to train someone to complete various tasks. As we… Read More »


Just like our wardrobes, our interiors also need a bit of a makeover when a new season comes around. You have probably already dusted off the extra blankets but did you know there are a few other things you can do to make your room cosier for the winter months. Here is a breakdown on how you can make some easy changes that will warm your room all winter long. COLOUR Just changing up the colours can even make the space seem warmer. Think dark, muted colours or bold jewel tones. On-Trend this year: Black & Burgundy – These cosy and luxurious colours are everywhere at the moment. To easily incorporate these colours try using coloured cushions, accessories, and throw rugs. Rust, Mustards & Berry Tones – Try incorporating these… Read More »


In real estate, two types of marketing contribute to the sale of a property. These are property marketing and agent marketing. As an agent, it is important to ensure you are using a combination of both to ensure you are reaching your intended target audience. Here is a run-down of the importance of each of these types of marketing, some useful tools to get you started, and how to implement a prospecting plan to target more business. PROPERTY MARKETING (VENDOR PAID ADVERTISING – VPA) Let’s start with the obvious when a property is listed for sale it needs to be published to be seen by prospective buyers. It is important to stress how vital property marketing is to your vendors when first meeting with them. At iThink Property, we have… Read More »


HOW TO HAVE DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS IN REAL ESTATE AND DELIVER THEM DECISIVELY. There is one thing most of us are guilty of, well there’s a lot more than one actually, but for purposes of this blog topic it is putting off having difficult conversations. For some people it can be so fear and anxiety-inducing that often the relevance of the conversation is lost because it has taken so long to muster up the courage to have that awkward chat. Whether it is a work colleague, a boss or client, determining how to start and have a difficult conversation, is an essential life and business skill. The consequences of not having that uncomfortable conversation can be costly, and handling a difficult conversation requires not only skill and empathy but importantly the… Read More »


I’m not sure about you, but if I hear Coronavirus or COVID-19 mentioned one more time, I’m not sure I’ll keep it together. I stopped watching the news a few weeks ago now and whilst I have used it more than my fair share of the ‘C’ virus word in business and at home, I now think it’s time to shift the mindset and focus on a new letter, the ‘M’ word. Mindset is one of those buzzwords that is currently being touted as an essential life tool alongside mindfulness to essentially manage mental health and wellbeing. What is mindset though? Your mindset plays a critical role in how you cope with life and the challenges it throws at you. Experts believe there are two types on mindsets, one is… Read More »


Currently working from home and struggling to get into the zone? With the coronavirus madness forcing more and more businesses to shut up shop and work from home, it is more important than ever to ensure you have set up a productive home office in the interim. Here are our top tips and suggestions that will help you get the most out of your workday at home. ESTABLISH A CLEAR WORK ZONE You will want to set up a clear workspace, away from any distractions. You want to try and not mix work with your usual home routines. Establishing clear boundaries will help you stay more productive when completing work tasks. Also, make sure you inform the family/housemates of your workspace to avoid later conflict. You will also want to… Read More »

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