It’s almost time to get those ears on and overindulge in lots of sugary treats! This time of the year means lots of colour, florals and food but the eater season also means that the kids are at home. To help with stress that comes with the Easter season, we’ve put together some simple decorating ideas which will keep the kids occupied and also get your house prepped for the festivities. Here are some simple decorating ideas to get you and your family into the Easter spirit.


Decorative Candles

Candles can brighten up any room and are a perfect accessory all year round. For the Easter season why not try decorating some plain pillar candles with some colourful dots or strokes of green like Martha Stewarts blog suggests.


Easter-Inspired Garlands

Creating garlands are a great way to get the whole family involved and add a bit of festivity to your home. The best thing about them is they can be so easy to make and there are so many different designs you can use! To make a fun pastel garland why not try tying different coloured fabric and ribbon to a long piece of string? Or a pom pom Easter bunny garland using paper shaped bunnies and wool? There is also an egg garland you can try by cutting egg shapes out of paper and decorating them with paint (Tip: let paint dry standing up for a cool, dripping look).


Image from Better Homes & Gardens blog  

Easter Egg Ornament

Another great way to add some Easter spirit to the home is to create Easter egg ornaments. All you need is some decorative paper, sticker tape, wool and beads. Follow these steps to learn how to create your own ornaments!



Like candles, flowers are a perfect accessory for the home no matter what the occasion. Flowers freshen up any space at a low cost making them an easy way to decorate the home.  Instead of putting your colourful blooms into a vase try cutting the flowers down and arranging them in egg cups to give them an extra special Easter touch.


Easter Egg Tree

When you think of decorative trees you may only think of Christmas Trees but did you know you can create a Easter Egg Tree? Try collecting branches and sticks and place them in a vase. Buy some plastic eggs, string and tie them onto the branches to add a splash of colour. This unique idea will be sure to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Image from Martha Stewarts blog