The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have found that an increasing number of Australians are moving to ‘tree change’ regions. So why are Australians ditching the city life? Our rural sales specialist Ricky Quinn has the answers.




Making the move to the country is a big decision. You may need to change jobs, move away from family and friends but the sacrifices will be worth it if you’re looking for more space.

The perks of more space are endless! You can get a bigger house for your growing family, bigger yard to plant your own veggie garden or home some chickens, maybe you’ve always wanted to own a horse! You have the freedom to do your thing and you are free to indulge in whatever passions and hobbies you have or always wanted.




When you live in the country or a small town you will get to know everyone and build strong relationships with your neighbours. Wherever you go you will be warmly welcomed and anyone will be up for a chat especially if you’re the new local in town. Even though you may feel miles away from your closest neighbour, you will never feel alone & you’ll always know they will be there for you.



When you think of regional areas you may think hours away from city life but that is not always the case. You can pick up a nice piece of land not far from cities these days and for a much more affordable price.

It’s also important to remember that many regional areas have developed over the years and there’s now no need to be close to the city. Many regional areas have good infrastructure, a sense of community and various other lifestyle factors which make the change very appealing!




Before you make the change, you must do your research of the area and consider several things. Compare the extra travel to work and the phone and internet connectivity. What education options are there for your children? Are there medical facilities nearby? How about supermarkets?

To ensure a blissful and long lasting change of lifestyle you need to think about what sort of lifestyle you are after and whether the peace & quiet, open space and fresh air is for you. Relocating, especially to the country could just be the reboot you need!


Ricky Quinn
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A down to earth country girl at heart, Ricky Quinn was born and bred in Harrisville and has cemented a reputation as one of the region’s leading rural and property agents. Professional, hardworking and honest, Ricky boasts extensive local insights and knowledge of the Scenic Rim, while her no non-sense approach has earnt her a loyal following of qualified buyers and sellers.