Sometimes the most daunting part about selling your home isn’t the choice of an agent or the decision of price, it’s knowing your home must be presentation ready every week. Your property usually is just one out of a long list buyers will look at so you must be sure to impress. To make the presentation process a little easier iThink Property Sales Agent Caitlin Noble has a few simple steps to share.



De-cluttering is something everyone puts off but this is a vital step in preparing your home for sale! Buyers want to imagine their own belongings in the property so it’s important to keep things tidy. Take baby steps and dedicate just 10 minutes at night to target one area, maybe it’s that pile of paperwork on the dining table which you haven’t gotten around to? After a while the feeling of simplicity will start to become a drive and you won’t want to stop – or maybe that’s just me!



Sounds weird, right? You are trying to clean your house not mess it up, but believe me the people in your life who can be honest with you are worth their weight in gold. Invite everyone around for some afternoon tea (it might be their last in the house anyway) and ask everyone to pick your place to pieces. Find out where they would prefer to put the bed, what they do and don’t like about your colour choices, what candles make your house smell good and which don’t. These statements will not only allow you to see your house as an outsider, but will also prepare you for when buyers walk through your home and make comments of how they want to make it their own!



You want your home to look inviting from the outside and one area many home owners forget about is the area leading to your front door. It’s a good idea to step outside your fence and ask yourself these question; is it somewhere that feels inviting? If this was a stranger’s home would you want to go in? Just a quick weed, trim and a regular sweep of the footpath can change the impression a potential buyer has before they even step foot inside!



Those dreaded windows need a good clean before every viewing, you would be surprised how much difference light to a room can bring. If it’s a beautiful day open them up, invite the light in. If the day is off to a bad start, make it feel warm inside by opening one side to the curtain and allowing everyone to see how safe they are inside.



It is now time for all the items you have been mentally noting over the previous months/years to be fixed. It doesn’t usually cost thousands to finish these things if you’re in the process of putting the property to market. It’s more about the motivation, so get out the screw driver, ask the husband to grab a brush, invite your friend around (you know the tradie one) and get stuck into it. You will thank yourself later and the reclaimed love you have for the property will shine through in your presentation on the day!

We are all in the same boat, life is busy, work is hectic and time is little. Though if these steps can help you get closer to the goal then what have you got to lose? Just start little and take one day at a time, you know your house is worth it!


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If you are looking for a point of difference agent, with a fresh and energetic approach to selling and marketing your home, you’ve found her. Constantly on the move, successfully multi-tasking a myriad of tasks, this mother of two is no stranger to hardwork, and manages to masterfully juggle any challenges thrown her way.