If you’re a Real Estate agent and not on any social media platforms, it’s time for a wake up call! Did you know that as of May this year 70% of Australians are on Facebook? That is a huge number! There are many benefits for having a social media presence as a Real Estate agent and we’ve come to our social media guru, iThink’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator Kristy, to pick her brain about why you need a social media strategy.




We live in an era where we choose a café because we’ve seen it posted on Instagram & get a serious case of #foodenvy. As customers, we’ve always liked to make purchase decisions through recommendations or word of mouth and social media platforms make this easier than ever!

With 86% of potential buyers using online as their main tool for property searches* if a potential buyer can’t find you online this may decrease your credibility. Facebook pages are particularly useful for Real Estate agents. Once you have a page you can have a “reviews” section where clients can leave a star rating and review of their experience. How often do you look at reviews before eating at a new restaurant? It’s the same for Real Estate agents, customers are relying more and more heavily on reviews so it is essential you are utilising this tool. Another way to increase your reputation through social media is to create credible and informative content. Posting content like industry statistics & suburb reports can increase your status as an expert and can in turn make it easier to attract new clients




Creating an online presence is relatively easy to set up and is free, making it an attractive marketing tool. On Facebook, the only costs required is if you want to boost posts. Boosting posts isn’t exactly a must but it’s becoming more important if you want to reach a wider audience and be ‘seen’ in more newsfeeds. If you do decide to boost posts you can do this at a relatively low cost (much lower than other advertising costs). Social media can also be a time saver as you can post immediately and easily. But while it is time-efficient you do need to spend time & think about your social media strategy and what your followers want to see. While it is good to post about your new listings, they don’t just want to see that. Try mixing it up with some interesting blog posts & community news.




Social media is the perfect place to express your individuality as a professional. Your followers want to know who you are and what qualities you possess. On social media, you want to come across as transparent and honest. Use social media to outline what’s important to you and this will help you build trust with your audience – but remember to keep it professional, your followers don’t want to see or hear all about your wild night out. You can also have a bit of fun with your posts by adding images or videos. There is a greater focus and preference on using visual elements, especially on Facebook, so using either images or videos will help you get placed in more news feeds!


*Residential Consumer Property Seeker Report, January 2015


Kristy Reynolds – Marketing & Communications Coordinator
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Driven and determined, Kristy brings a breath of fresh air and new ideas to the team at iThink Property. With a degree in communications specialising in marketing, public relations and social media, Kristy is bursting with innovation and is armed with an enviable design and creative flair.