Every day we are constantly reminded about the effects our common practices are having on the beautiful world we live in. Many of us have adopted the common changes to our daily schedule, like carrying a keep cup in tow, recycling cardboard and glass, and even packing your green bags when going to the supermarket, but only a minority of us implement other environmentally friendly practices into our every day and work lives. In 2016-2017 alone, the commercial and industrial sector of waste (in which offices, restaurants, retail and manufacturing fall into) produced 2.8 million tonnes of waste. Of this sum, 376,164 tonnes were contributed in forms of paper and packaging. According to the statistics, the commercial and industrial sector is the largest contributor to the waste epidemic, adding more than half of that total sum to landfill. Many of us are unaware of our everyday usage, and the office is a great place to start reducing, reusing and recycling.

SOURCE: Waste and Recycling Queensland 2017  and Where does Australia’s Rubbish Come From?

Here at iThink Property we have been working to reduce our carbon footprint, so here are a few top tips you can implement at your home or workplace to ensure you are doing your bit.


While it is somewhat unrealistic to go completely paper-free, there are ways to reduce the amount of paper used every day. Storing files digitally in a cloud-based system is an excellent place to start. It also makes it easier to access as you don’t have to sort through thousands of paper files.

Programs such as DocuSign are also great for reducing paper consumption. This program allows you to email out documents that need to be signed to the relevant parties. These people then sign the document on their smartphone or desktop and send it back via email, no printing involved.

Our property management system is also great for reducing our paper consumption as all receipts and documentation are sent to our landlords and tenants via email or SMS.



One great way to quickly reduce your carbon footprint is to recycle. Try and organise a recycling bin to be delivered to the office for items such as boxes, non-confidential paperwork, disposable coffee cups and other recyclable materials.

Outsourcing your confidential document destruction to a third-party company who recycles is also a great idea. Companies such as ShredX offer a pick-up service for a reasonable fee, so the benefits truly do outweigh the costs.



Does everyone in your company have their printer settings set to double-sided? If not, you should really look into it. You would be surprised at how much it reduces your paper consumption. Not only is it less waste, its more money in your pocket!


Some other ways you can go green in your office include:
• Turning off lights and shutting down all computers upon leaving the office for the day. Also, check that you are using power-saving bulbs!
• Trying to reuse stationery and other office materials
• Keeping control of the air conditioner settings and only using it when necessary – this may be a hard one in the harsh Queensland summer!
• Buying recycled paper and other eco-friendly office supplies

Encouraging your team to actively participate in your efforts to go green also helps. If everyone is on the same page, you can really make a difference.


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