The rise of the social media agent is becoming more and more common as the years go on. These days if you are not on social media, you are not seen. Customers are not just looking at the conventional methods (, rate my agent, google) when looking for an agent anymore. It is now more important than ever to have a social media presence and ensure that you are engaging with your audience as often as you can.  

Here are some ways you can easily go from 0-100 followers in just a matter of days. So, grab your phone, log on, and let’s get started! 

  1. Post Regularly  

The number one way to grow your social media following is to post regularly! Inactivity only equates to unfollows. One way to ensure you are posting (and not forgetting to) is to implement a social media calendar and use various scheduling tools.  

A social media calendar is essentially a spreadsheet that maps out all the dates and days of the month. You can then fill in what you would like to post on each day and then refer to it when scheduling it in.  

Here is an example of a social media calendar we use to map out our monthly socials.  

In terms of scheduling tools, we use Hootsuite, but there are plenty on the market. All you have to do is load up your content, add a caption and hashtags, set a time and date for the post to go live, and click “Schedule”.  

Make sure you aren’t just posting for the sake of it. Think about your audience/consumer – What would appeal to them? What are their interests? What would they share with their family and friends? Once you have answered these questions, form your content from there.  

Also – don’t disregard the power of the caption. Instagram allows you to write captions up to 2,200 characters long, so use it wisely.  

2. Engage!  

Engagement is king! Make sure you jump on every day and engage with your audience. Reply to their comments, like their posts, comment on other user’s posts and find new accounts to follow on the explore page. Ensure your comments are more than 3 words in length. Also try jumping in on conversations, answering DMs, sharing other people’s content, and using the many features Instagram and Facebook have to offer (polls, question boxes, quizzes, etc).  

3. Don’t just post about real estate 

If you are constantly posting your newest listings and recent sales, your content is going to get stale very quickly. From our experience, family pictures, comedic posts, and quotes tend to perform really well.  

Video content is also a great way to get some extra eyes on you. Videos are more compelling and tell the audience exactly what they need to know without even having to read the caption. Make sure you have captions enabled, as people tend to like to watch with no sound. 

4. Share your successes  

If someone leaves you a review or testimonial, don’t be afraid to share it (and shout it from the rooftops). The more you are posting about your success the better. It will help people create a good perception of you, your work ethic, and your brand. You will then become known for all the great work you are doing.  

5. Post stories 

It is super important not to neglect your stories (both Instagram and Facebook). Statistics show that Instagram stories have boosted engagement on the platform as they are more casual, light-hearted, and fun. Users also don’t have to put in much effort to view the story as they appear at the top of the feed for quick and easy viewing.  

Stories also offer a lot of features normal posts don’t, such as polls, questions, GIFs, challenges, quizzes, countdowns, swipe up (for accounts with 10K+), and a direct DM feature.  

These are the five top things that have helped us grow our socials over the years. We hope that you can implement these quick and easy tips to grow your social media channels.  

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