We are sure you’ve heard plenty of tips and tricks on how to make your rental application stand out from the crowd, but we’ve got one that will actually work! Introducing the Tenancy Skills Institute.  The Tenancy Skills Institute have listened to the struggles of property managers and tenants to create a training program dedicated to teaching tenants the necessary skills needed to find and maintain a tenancy. The program is a saving grace in the eyes of property managers and tenants. So how can you jump on board? Here’s everything you need to know from iThink Property Manager Peta.



“Everyone deserves somewhere safe to live. Real estate agents and property managers equally deserve great tenants.” This is the main driving force behind the Tenancy Skills Institute. They’ve heard from property managers how hard it is to find quality tenants and tenants have come to them about their battle to get their application noticed. So they’ve created a solution, a competency-based training package delivered over a minimum of ten (10) hours face to face time, covering the following key skill sets: Communication, Rights and Responsibilities, Maintaining and Cleaning a Property, Finances and Budgeting. The Tenancy Skills Institute aims to create ‘Tenants of Choice’. Graduates from the program have proven competencies in the skillsets identified by property managers and agents. This will give them a competitive advantage when applying for properties.




The Tenancy Skills Institute run classes in Ipswich, Toowoomba and Logan with plans to expand soon. They have a few classes running throughout June (2018) which still have spots so if you’re interested get in quick and contact Kim 0478 011 745 or [email protected]



Anyone can! No matter what age, gender or what your circumstances may be if you’re thinking about renting these classes are for you. Even if you’re currently renting, the classes can benefit you with topics such as budgeting and cleaning covered.





If you have no rental history, property managers can sometimes be a little hesitant on accepting your application. With this certificate, property managers know you have taken the initiative to learn vital skills needed to maintain a residential tenancy and will push your application to the forefront. The Tenancy Skills Institute have seen a 100% success rate, with every previous student learning sufficient skills to find, secure and maintain a residential tenancy.


At iThink, we strongly believe in the Tenancy Skills Institute and rank tenants with these certificates highly. We strongly suggest all our current and potential tenants enrol in the free tenancy skills classes to boost your tenant appeal.

As mentioned above if you’d like more information or to book a class, please contact Kim from the Tenancy Skills Institute on 0478 011 745 or [email protected].


Information sourced from tenancyskills.com.au 


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With a genuine love of everything Property Management, some may think she is crazy, but Peta has built her successful career in the industry through dedication and hardwork and has no plans on ever changing.

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