School holidays are fast approaching, and we all know what that means….MESSY BEDROOMS! In order to try and keep things tidy and keep them entertained these holidays, how about making styling their bedrooms into a fun little project. Not only will they love getting involved, but it may also make them a little more house proud, benefitting you in the long run!


It is important to remember that kids bedrooms don’t have to mean bright pinks and blues, with rainbows, butterflies or cars. You don’t have to skimp on style when creating these amazing spaces for your children. Here are some trend you can easily incorporate that won’t compromise your home aesthetic.



  • Vintage Touches: Try upcycling and sourcing cute little trinkets and decor items from the op-shop. Style these eclectic pieces alongside your more modern pieces for a softer touch.
  • Strong Accent Colours & Prints: Think mustard, navy and leopard prints, they are so on trend this year! However, be sure to use them sparingly in order to keep the room uncluttered and give the trend more longevity.
  • Pastels: Pastels and soft colours are always great for kids bedrooms. In order to keep these items on trend into their teens, opt for small touches of pastel paired with graphic prints.
  • Boho: Those can baskets that are perfect for keeping things organised are not only functional but perfect for the bohemian vibe. Also try incorporating embroidered pieces, earthy tones and even those cool hanging chairs.




  • Storage Will Be Your Best Friend: Finding a place for everything and educating the little ones (and bigger ones) on what goes where will be your first step.
  • Get The Kids Involved: Giving them a little bit of creative control will help get them really excited about their “new room”. It might also help them keep it nice and sparkling clean. The more participation they have in the project, the more ownership and responsibility they feel for the space.
  • Keep It Practical: It’s all well and good to keep the space stylish, but it is also important to remember that it must remain practical for a child to use and live in. This may mean you have to factor in a study desk, a changing table or extra shelving. They are kids, after all, so think art tables and bean bags over expensive décor pieces and velvet reading chairs.
  • Give It Some Personality: Allowing your child’s personality to shine through makes for a cute touch e.g. for younger children, you can frame their artworks and create a gallery wall.





Now, this may well be the hardest part! Believe it or not, the bedroom makeover novelty will probably wear off after a couple of weeks. So here are a few ways you can ensure your children keep their rooms nice and organised for weeks on end.


  1. Set a standard


Set daily organisational tasks and follow them up to make sure they are completed. This could be as simple as picking up cushions that have been tossed on the floor, making their bed, or even storing away used items at the end of the day. You may even be able to offer pocket money as an incentive for completing these daily chores. That will definitely help keep them on track.


  1. Allocate areas


Make sure you set rules of what is allowed where. Whether it be no eating in the lounge room or no playdough in the bedrooms, they know about your rules clearly and are sticking to them. This will help you keep spaces tidy and maintain the longevity of the furniture. That being said, kids will be kids, so it is important to refer to our tip about being practical when designing their living spaces.


  1. Avoid being the cleaning fairy


You may find yourself saying that it would be easier to clean up yourself, however, you need to show your children how to look after and care for the space they live in. Teaching them to be house proud will work in your favour long term.




So there you have it, our top tricks and tips on styling kids bedrooms and keeping them stylish for as long as possible!

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