Is your home or rental property on the market at the moment? If so, are you making good use of a number of media channels to ensure you are reaching 100 percent of the audience? In today’s market, buyers and renters are using multiple media tools to search for their dream property. Due to this is, it is important to ensure that your property has a decent amount of exposure.

By using exhausting multiple media channels you can reach both active and passive buyers and renters. At iThink Property, we believe that the winning formula incorporates digital, print and social media marketing. Although advertising and listing on these channels can become somewhat costly, it is truly worth the investment to get the best outcome.


Print media has the potential to inspire passive buyers, as 84% of readers like to read the property section of the newspaper even if they are not looking at buying at this point in time. Many agencies believe that newspaper advertising has become a thing of the past, however, statistics show that when combined with other forms of media (digital and social) there is an 89% success rate.


Digital media, on the other hand, tends to only attract active buyers who are specifically looking in the area. With a large number of properties going live every day, you need to make sure your property is not missed. It is more important than ever to ensure your property appears on the first two pages of online portals such as and domain. Here at iThink Property, put marketing package includes premiere listing on both of these online portals to ensure that all our properties appear at the top of the search and is seen first by prospective buyers. According to premiere properties receive an average 20 times more views and 9 times more enquiry than standard listings.


One thing we do a bit different at iThink Property is our utilisation of various social media channels. Across popular platforms such as Facebook an Instagram we have quite an extensive outreach, thus cementing our heavy use of the platform. Facebook and Instagram allow us to target certain buyers and promote our listings to them. These platforms also allow us to interact with our prospective buyers and facilitate two-way communication with them. Statistics show that over 15 million Australians are active on social media, Facebook in particular, so it is so important to also include social media marketing in your campaign.

In conclusion, if you exclude one of these media outlets, you are immediately reducing the effectiveness of your campaign. You can dramatically increase the number of potential buyers by utilising all forms of advertising. Give us a call today to have a chat about a tailored marketing strategy for your property.


· Get Professional Photography: Professional photos make all the difference! Not only do they show off your properties best features, but they also entice the buyer. The property photos are usually the first thing buyers look at when searching. So make sure you have stunning photos to grab their attention.
· Look Into Video Content: In recent years we have seen property videos become more popular. They are exciting and different, they also give you an edge over every other property on the market. They are also great to get sharing around on social media.
· Style it Up: Property styling and staging has become super popular in recent years. Stagers and property stylists have a good eye for how to present a space and make it seem more appealing. It can help the buyer envision themselves in the space as it remains depersonalised. It will also help you stand out in the crowd and potentially get higher offers. Our sales agent Amie Palmer also offers staging services, so if you are interested, be sure to give her a call.
· Share it: Use your social media accounts to their advantage and get sharing! Get your family and friends to share also, you never know, someone in your circle might be interested!


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