About to move into a new place, or are you moving out for the first time? Here is a comprehensive list of everything to need to know to make the move a little more bearable. Forget the moving horror stories, by implementing a plan and utilising these tips and tricks, you can make moving house a piece of cake!


  • Utility Connection: The last thing you want is to move into a house that doesn’t have any electricity and you are unpacking in the dark. Make sure you call your energy provider and give them your details and connection dates before you move into the property. The connection process may take a couple of business days, so make sure you have given the provider ample notice. While you are at it, organise your internet, broadband and gas connection (if applicable).
  • Have a Plan: Got children or pets? Moving day can tend to get stressful and out of hand quite quickly, so it is important to ensure no little ones are getting under feet and making things more difficult. Try asking family members or friends to help take care of your kiddies and pets on moving day so you have one less thing to stress about. Once you arrive at the new house, make sure you have some of their most beloved items on hand to help them settle into the new place and feel more at home.
  • Update Your Contact Information: Before moving day, send out a text message or email to all your friends and family to notify them that you are relocating. Also, be sure to change your address for the following: Update magazine or box-style subscriptions, contact your car insurance and registration provider, update your details on the electoral roll, let your bank know you’ve moved, and update your details with all superannuation funds.
  • Get the Essentials Ready: To make unpacking, set-up and your first night a little less stressful, make sure you have easy access to an un-packing box and a first night box. Your unpacking box should contain all the essentials for re-assembling furniture (screwdrivers, allen keys, and screws), while your first night box should contain all the essentials that you need to have a comfortable nights sleep (bedsheets, change of clothes, toothbrush, towels, and coffee/tea).
  • Don’t Forget Insurance: Call your provider and make sure that your current home and contents insurance policies cease the day after you’ve moved out. Also, organise your next policies to start the day before you move into the new property. That way you are not left without cover.

Other Tips & Tricks for Moving Day

– Clear your schedule and allow ample time for your move.
– Cater for yourself and others helping you on moving day. Packing and unpacking is hard work to make sure you have plenty of water and snacks on hand. It is also a good idea to meal prep to make sure you have decent meals on hand for when you are too exhausted to cook.
– De-clutter and cull. While you are packing, ditch or donate all those items you no longer have a use for. This will ensure you have less to pack and it gives you a really good chance to get rid of items you have been hoarding.
– Make a list to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything. Also, make sure that everyone in the family is aware of this list so they can help you tick it off!
– Be flexible. Things can change at the drop of a hat on moving day, so it is important that you don’t get too caught up in following your list and that you can go with the flow when things go a little pear-shaped.

Moving house can quickly become a costly process, so here are a few tips and tricks you can implement to ensure you are keeping the costs down.

  1. Consider doing it yourself
    Will hiring a truck over your moving days work out cheaper than hiring a removalist? If so, is it worth the extra elbow grease of loading and unloading the truck yourself?
  2. Avoid peak times
    Weekends tend to be the busiest time for removal companies and prices tend to skyrocket. If it works for you, try and schedule your move for a weekday or quiet period.
  3. Packing essentials
    Is it really necessary to fork out extra cash on packing boxes? Try making use of boxes you may have lying around. Try asking friends or family if they have packing boxes you may be able to borrow. If you are at a loss, make your way down to your nearest Bunnings and pick up some boxes and an extremely reasonable price.
  4. Keep valuables on hand
    To ensure none of your expensive items go missing, keep them all on hand and transport them yourself to your new destination.

We hope these tips and tricks make your next relocation a little smoother. We want to ensure that we are here to help you along the way, so if you have any further questions about moving, utility connection or even finding a new place, be sure to visit our website and social media pages.


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