Gone are the days we could just put up a sign outside your property and it would be rented within days.  We live in a world where digital media reigns supreme in the advertising world and it is becoming more important to jump on board. According to realestate.com (REA), 91% of tenants are now searching online for properties. That is a huge number of potential tenants! To help ensure your property stands out from the crowd here are a few tips from our Leasing Consultant, Shona Grayson.




As advertising online is now a must, everyone is doing it. This means you need to stand out from the crowd to be seen and this starts with your positioning. According to REA (2017), what page your property is on does count- 44% of tenants don’t go past page two when searching for a property, 26% don’t go past page three and 17% don’t go past page four. To ensure your property is seen you need to be at least a Highlight listing on REA and a Premium Plus listing on Domain. By having a larger ad consistently displayed on the first two pages you will reach a greater rental market & rent your property faster.





First impressions do count, especially in the world of real estate. Tenants will often browse the internet for properties to lease and will make decisions on whether they enquire or inspect based on the photos they see. 43% of tenants get frustrated and won’t enquire if a listing has poor quality photos (REA, 2017). There is no question about it, prospective tenants are more attracted to well-presented properties. Take the time to invest in quality professional photos and this will attract better quality tenants and ultimately achieve a higher rental price.




Social media has now become a vital part in the modern marketing mix. For ultimate exposure, it is important to ensure your rental is advertised on social media. This cost-effective platform allows you to connect and expose your property to hundreds, if not thousands of potential tenants.


*Statistics from Realestate.com Preso- iThink Property Advertising Facts (April 2017)


Shona Grayson – Leasing Consultant 
07 3202 3040

Shona has over 6 years big brand agency experience, and has worked in a diversity of roles, but has found her niche as part of the property management team. With solid life values that align with IThink’s core principles, Shona loves that the business is willing to go above and beyond for their clients & staff and are always looking for ways to improve.