New year, new interiors… right? If you are looking to update your interior style to keep in line with the trends, look no further. Here is your guide to what’s hot (and what’s not) for 2019. From dusty chalky tones to gold accents and textured glass, this year is sure to showcase it all.

In 2018, interior trends focused heavily on industrial style, candy-toned pastels, marble and earthy tones. It was also the year of the much-hyped millennial pink and copper accent pieces. Over the course of the year, many retailers exhausted these coveted trends, meaning the trusty and safe millennial pink has well and truly had its 15 minutes of fame.

In 2019 we see a number of changes to the interior design and decorating game. Here is a list of some main elements you can easily implement into your space, to get on trend and stay there!




In 2019 we see the introduction of luxe and matured colours. While pastel colours will develop to more muted tones with warm golden undertones. Muted apricot, dirty peaches, dusty pinks and rosy burgundies will be all the rage. Yellow and terracotta will be major feature colours this year, in the form of mustard and faded dirty tones. Earthy tones will also remain, however, will also mature into richer and warmer tones. Think misty greys, sage and rich deep browns.

We will also see more people embrace these richer hues in different spaces. One major trend that we will start to see develop this year is the black bathroom. Incorporating this rich and bold colour to a traditionally white and clean space transforms the space into a dark, sultry and high-end space, emulating a luxury spa experience.




Texture will be a key player in all materials this year, with most surfaces showcasing depth and emotion. Texture will be incorporated visually through marble and concrete surfaces, while matte metals, timber and ribbed glass will provide sensory texture. Colours, scale, geometry and grids will also be major contributors to the visual texture of a space. We will also see bio-resins and natural materials such as stone and wood make an appearance in many homes.


2019 DÉCOR


Sustainability will be the focus of 2019. People are becoming more conscious or their consumption and are starting to look into where their purchases were made, and most importantly what they are made out of. This will very much be reflected in décor choices. Think handmade and one-off pieces, such as clay vases and jute rugs. These hand-made one-of-a-kind pieces will also add to the new trend of mixing and matching. Finding unique key pieces that will raise the bar will really help transform your space. An imperfect and eclectic finish will give the space character and create great conversation points.




In the past we have seen furniture become the statement piece of a room, however, in 2019 we will see furniture take a more minimal approach. We will see an emphasis on comfort and incorporation of curved and angular features. Feminine shapes will help create a comfortable atmosphere, while still remaining interesting. To break through the boredom of functional, minimalistic furniture, try mixing vintage and design—led pieces.



  • Copper Highlights: Opt for truer gold tones. Gold reflects luxe and elegance, compared to the dated copper tones.
  • Millennial Pink: This colour has truly become exhausted, as it has been incorporated into EVERYTHING! Try replacing it with deeper hues of dusty rose.
  • Mass-produced Furniture: Ditch that sofa that you see in every furniture store display window, it’s time to start incorporating sustainable and one of a kind pieces.
  • Sleek Scandi-styles: It’s time to dial down the serious factor and incorporate some more fun. Sleek minimalistic styles are out, and over the top maximalist style is in!


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