While many investors may think the ‘do-it-yourself’ method of managing your property is more financially rewarding, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. Yes, it may save you some money but the time, effort and at times high stress involved can often significantly outweigh the cost of using a property manager. To save you the headaches, here are four reasons from iThink Head of Property Management Angie Lester as to why you should hire a property manager so you can get back to enjoying life!




Professional property managers have a process for choosing the best tenant for your property. All potential tenants will go through a screening process where they run background checks, previous rental & employment history etc. Property managers will also give you guidance as to who your tenant target market is.



When you’re on the hunt for a new tenant, property managers will know exactly how and where to market your property. They know that professional photos, a professionally scripted advert and at least a highlight listing on portals such as realestate.com.au and domain.com.au are they key aspects you need in order to achieve the highest possible rental return in the quickest possible turnaround time. Ultimately, the sooner it’s leased the quicker your return will work for you!




There’s no doubt about it, managing a property can be very stressful at times! From rent collection to emergency maintenance repairs, it can be non-stop! By engaging a property manager you can leave all those tasks for them to deal with saving you a lot of time and effort! But don’t worry you’ll be kept in the loop and a good property manager will communicate with you every step of the way!




Maintenance is one of the most time consuming and costly parts of an investment! Property managers can take this off your hands and are the first point of call if something goes wrong at your property. Your property manager will keep you updated with the progress of any repairs and organize these to get done for you. Property managers will also organize all inspections- viewings (before tenancy), routine (throughout tenancy) & exit (after tenancy). During the routine inspections, a good property manager will send you photo and video inspection reports to ensure you are up to date with the state of your property!


Angie Lester – Head of Property Management 
07 3202 3040

Her passion for property management stems from a love of meeting a diverse range of people and a genuine desire to see people happy in the properties they turn into a home. Angie is a true professional and genuine in all aspects of her job. Her ultimate goal is to be happy and passionate about what she does on a daily basis so it never feels like work.



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