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Queenslanders are packed full of original features, that deserve plenty of love and respect when renovating your home. Queenslander style houses provide great opportunities to value add to your home simply by respecting the original features that are loved by so many. We’ve asked Nicole Cox, also known as ‘The Builders Wife’ for some tips how to renovate a Queenslander whilst also respecting and preserving the original features. SOURCE: HANNAH PUECHMARIN VJ’s VJ boards are common in most Queenslander homes. The character they bring is both timeless and sought after. When painting your VJ’s, take a tip from the experts and spend time prepping your walls before applying the paint. Gapping your VJ’s is the best way to show them the love and respect they deserve and will create a… Read More »


Sometimes the hardest part in renovating is getting started. It can be a daunting experience but with solid planning your renovation can become a financial and personal success. iThink Sales & Marketing Associate Lana Holznagel, is currently in the process of renovating her home and has a few reno ‘must knows’ for you!   BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET Creating and setting a budget is a vital step when planning your renovation. Make a list of all your needs and wants & include everything from bathroom taps to paying your tradies. It can be easy to overspend when renovating so make sure you keep track of all your expenses. To help save on costs, shop around as much as you can and compare costs to make sure you get the best and… Read More »