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Real Estate is regarded as having created more wealth than any other industry, so who doesn’t want to work in real estate right? There are two key attractions to working in Real Estate that stand out above everything else. One, is you are your own boss and you make your own working hours, and two, you can make whatever income you desire, there’s literally no cap or ceiling on how much you can earn. Broadly speaking a real estate agent will earn in direct proportion to the amount of work they put into their job. So, what about when someone says the market isn’t growing, there’s a global financial crisis or a flu pandemic, can you still make whatever you want despite the market conditions? Absolutely, yes you can. There… Read More »


Now let’s think about this, your property whether it’s your investment property or your beloved family home, is your biggest asset, so choosing a real estate agency to either sell or rent it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once upon a time, it was a no brainer, there were a few big names in the industry and you pretty much chose the one with the most signs up in your area. Those days are long gone, with the progression of technology-independent and smaller brands are now able to compete on the same scale as the larger agencies. This is great for these boutique agencies, but it makes your job of selecting someone to deal with your biggest asset even more challenging and important than ever.Now there are more agencies than ever… Read More »


Looking at buying your first home? Or are you a keen investor looking for your next property? The main question both buyers and investors are finding themselves asking is, “Should I be buying a house or an apartment?”. There is honestly no correct answer to this question, it is completely dependent on you and your situation. However, here are some things to consider before purchasing a home or investment.     PRICE   In some areas apartments are more affordable than houses, however, if you are willing to sacrifice location, you may be able to find a small house for a similar price. The general rule of thumb is, those properties closer to the city centre are more pricey, and the further out you go the more bang you get… Read More »


Is your Property Manager giving you the service you desire? Let’s face it Real Estate is a pretty transparent industry. All Real Estate businesses are governed by the same laws and codes of conduct and we all have access to the same technology, so how do we stand out from the crowd in such a competitive industry? It’s pretty simple really, customer service. From retail to hospitality to online businesses and real estate, the key to success hinges on your customers and how satisfied they are with the service you provide. Especially now with the growth in online review services such as Yelp, Google and Trip Advisor, it has never been more important to keep your clients happy. The savvy consumer will conduct thorough research on you and your business… Read More »


Want to get a head start on your spring cleaning? Here are our top tips and tricks on how to get your home looking sparkling clean going into the warmer months.   So let’s start at the top:   KITCHEN     Stovetop and Stainless Steel – Opt for organic cleaning produces and microfibre cloths when cleaning these surfaces. Products with citruses will have the ability to breakdown grease and grime, while the microfibre clothes will help buff out marks and leave a streak-free shine. Sink – Quickly eliminate bacteria and get your sink sparkling with this hack. Sprinkle bicarb soda in the sink and scrub with warm water. After some scrubbing and a bit of elbow grease, you will start to see your sink sparkle. Wooden Bench Tops –… Read More »


Think auction might be the best way to sell your home? With our second auction event for the year approaching this Friday, we look at the benefits of hosting in-room auction events, and why you might consider it for your next sale.   ABOUT OUR EVENTS   At iThink Property, we like to do Real Estate different and our Auction events are really like no other. We host community inclusive Auction events at popular local venues that help create a real buzz in the local community and more importantly for the properties we are looking to auction. Our Auction Events are also generating some outstanding results for our sellers and buyers. We strongly believe in the auction process; it brings all potential buyers out of the woodwork and generally results… Read More »


It’s an ever evolving and changing world we are living in. Across any industry, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest trends in consumer activity, technology and market activity. While the business of real estate transactions ie buying and selling a home will remain the same in essence, there are major innovations and technological advances that are not only mind-blowing, but set to blow up the entire real estate tradition. The real estate industry has stood the test of time, until now. Some of the advances won’t happen overnight, but here’s a little look at what the future of real estate might look like.     TOP 5 TECH TRENDS IN REAL ESTATE 1) THE CLOUD A few years ago, “the cloud” was seen as a mysterious… Read More »


Do we really know what will happen to the Property Market in 2019? Do we ever really know what the property market will do period? There are some indicators that allow us to determine some of the property trends for the coming year, but there certainly isn’t a crystal ball outlining exactly what will happen and where. As we launch into a new year there’s a lot of mixed chatter about the 2019 markets, some full of uncertainty and others full of hype, and there is no shortage of so-called ‘experts’ looking to predict the future. Buzzwords like property market predictions, real estate cycles, property hotspots are currently being touted, but how accurate are they and should we listen to them? Despite the uncertainty, there are a few similar key… Read More »


With the warmer weather on its way, it is the perfect time to ditch those winter woollies and kick off the new season with a fresh start. Dust off those rubber gloves and gather your best cleaning supplies, it’s time to get in and do those jobs you’ve been dreading all year. Property Manager, Jenni Steffen has compiled a list of 7 things you can do to ensure both your home and your mind is clear and ready to tackle these warmer months. MAKE A LIST An excellent way to approach the big clean is to start by making a list of all the things you want to get done. Try and prioritise by putting the most important tasks first, and then making your way down the list. It might also… Read More »


If you’re after a role that you can make your own, become your own brand and be your own boss, then being a real estate agent is for you. Although it may be a challenging industry to crack into, if you have the drive and motivation, you can definitely reap the rewards. We have compiled a list of what makes an outstanding agent, and how our team’s approach to the industry is fresh, innovative and will have you wanting to take that next step in your career.     WHAT QUALITIES MAKE AN OUTSTANDING AGENT? Being an outstanding real estate agent means more than just selling houses. In order to be successful, you need to possess the following qualities. Resilience – It is a tough industry to crack, it can… Read More »

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