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Want to get a head start on your spring cleaning? Here are our top tips and tricks on how to get your home looking sparkling clean going into the warmer months.   So let’s start at the top:   KITCHEN     Stovetop and Stainless Steel – Opt for organic cleaning produces and microfibre cloths when cleaning these surfaces. Products with citruses will have the ability to breakdown grease and grime, while the microfibre clothes will help buff out marks and leave a streak-free shine. Sink – Quickly eliminate bacteria and get your sink sparkling with this hack. Sprinkle bicarb soda in the sink and scrub with warm water. After some scrubbing and a bit of elbow grease, you will start to see your sink sparkle. Wooden Bench Tops –… Read More »


Are you starting to worry more and more about your carbon footprint? If you are one of those homeowners who automatically turns the heater of air-conditioner on as soon as you wake up, or you leave every appliance switched on at the wall even if you aren’t using it, here are a few simple changes you can make. Not only will the environment benefit, but your bank account will too!   THE SIMPLE SWAPS     Start using a keep cup or reusable water bottle: Did you know that in Australia alone, over 1 Billion takeaway coffee cups go into landfill each year? By making this simple switch, you can do your part to help reduce this number, and on the plus side some cafes will give you a discount… Read More »


Every day we are constantly reminded about the effects our common practices are having on the beautiful world we live in. Many of us have adopted the common changes to our daily schedule, like carrying a keep cup in tow, recycling cardboard and glass, and even packing your green bags when going to the supermarket, but only a minority of us implement other environmentally friendly practices into our every day and work lives. In 2016-2017 alone, the commercial and industrial sector of waste (in which offices, restaurants, retail and manufacturing fall into) produced 2.8 million tonnes of waste. Of this sum, 376,164 tonnes were contributed in forms of paper and packaging. According to the statistics, the commercial and industrial sector is the largest contributor to the waste epidemic, adding more… Read More »


Choosing a company to manage your investment is the second most important step following the initial decision to buy an investment property. Not only is it essential you do your research and ensure a few things like the company is experienced, operates with the service you are looking for and aligns with your values, but it is also important that your chosen property manager understands the local area your investment is located in. Engaging a property manager that lives and breathes the local market is essential. It can minimise vacancy periods, increase your rental return and will boost your confidence knowing that someone is close by should a crisis arise.     1. LOCAL PROPERTY MANAGERS KNOW THE AREA This one is simple really. A locally based property manager knows… Read More »


A lot of agencies promote rental return when vying for your business, but what do they actually do to assist you in achieving maximum rental return? Our job as your property manager is to not only to lease your property but to rent it for the highest possible price, just like when selling a property. It should be a stress-free and profitable experience when done well. An extra $10/week equates to $520/year, and an extra $20/week equates to $1,040/year. If you can increase your rent by $20/week every year for ten years, in ten year’s time you will be receiving an extra $10,400. That could be used to fund your lifestyle or pay for an expensive holiday every year.   Ensuring maximum rental return is determined by a few contributing… Read More »


While many investors may think the ‘do-it-yourself’ method of managing your property is more financially rewarding, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons. Yes, it may save you some money but the time, effort and at times high stress involved can often significantly outweigh the cost of using a property manager. To save you the headaches, here are four reasons from iThink Head of Property Management Angie Lester as to why you should hire a property manager so you can get back to enjoying life!     BETTER TENANTS Professional property managers have a process for choosing the best tenant for your property. All potential tenants will go through a screening process where they run background checks, previous rental & employment history etc. Property managers will also give… Read More »