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It is officially Block season, and if you are a fellow Blockhead like everyone else in our office you are probably itching to start your own reno. If you are thinking about giving your property a makeover, or a home renovation has been on the cards for a while, here are a few things you will want to know before you dust off the tools and start demolition. WHERE TO START 1.    Designing and Planning: Keep it simple and try to set your budget from the beginning. Also, try to be firm and final with your decisions within this planning phase. If you decide on these things early, you can avoid unexpected costs that may arise. 2.    DIY or Hire The Pros: Discuss whether you are going to do the majority of… Read More »


Over the last few years, we have heard the word sustainability thrown around quite often. But what does it mean? And how can we introduce it into our lifestyles and households?   Sustainability means meeting your needs without negatively impacting the needs of future generations. This also means becoming more environmentally aware and conscious of how your actions may affect the world around you. Implementing this mentality does not mean you have to skimp on style. In fact, many companies and start-ups have used the sustainability trend to their advantage and are creating amazing and environmentally-friendly products perfectly suitable for even the most stylish eco-warriors.   Here are some things you can implement to embrace sustainability in your home, without sacrificing your creativity or lifestyle.   THE SIX R’S  … Read More »


Are you starting to worry more and more about your carbon footprint? If you are one of those homeowners who automatically turns the heater of air-conditioner on as soon as you wake up, or you leave every appliance switched on at the wall even if you aren’t using it, here are a few simple changes you can make. Not only will the environment benefit, but your bank account will too!   THE SIMPLE SWAPS     Start using a keep cup or reusable water bottle: Did you know that in Australia alone, over 1 Billion takeaway coffee cups go into landfill each year? By making this simple switch, you can do your part to help reduce this number, and on the plus side some cafes will give you a discount… Read More »


With the cooler weather rolling in, it is time to think about switching up those bright, summery décor for more autumnal tones. It also gives you a chance to spruce up your home, ditch the clutter and maybe even give it a fresh lick of paint. Here is a list of a few easy switches and changes that will help you set the mood for the new season in your home.   SWITCHING UP THE COLOUR PALETTE One of the easiest things to switch up each season is the colour palette. For autumn try introducing deeper, darker hues as well as rich jewel tones (emerald green’s, navy’s, plum’s and burgundy’s). You can introduce these new colours in various ways, such as new cushions, linens, throws and smaller décor pieces. If… Read More »


Over the last few years we have seen several new dining places pop up in the Ipswich region. From specialty beers to indulgent triple choc brownies, there is truly something for everyone right here. Here is a list we have compiled, all within an hour of the Ipswich CBD   88 LIMESTONE DINING MECCA   The recent restoration and renovation has transformed this historic former Technical College into a social hub for wining and dining. You are spoilt for choice, with various dining options and atmospheres.   4 Hearts Pumpyard Brewery If you are on the hunt for that perfect brew, wander down to the Pumpyard bar and Brewery. Here you will find a plethora of craft beers on tap, gourmet burgers, pizzas and tasty share plates. It is the… Read More »


Let’s face it Christmas is an expensive time of year for us all. If you are already struggling to keep up with financial commitments or haven’t planned ahead, it can cause a substantial financial burden that can take a long time to recover from. In property management, we have found this is one time of the year our rent arrears can really blow out. It is unfortunate that with all the fun and festivities at Christmas keeping a ‘roof over your head’ is often a priority that gets shifted to the bottom of the list. The spin-off from this is that if our tenants aren’t paying their rent, a lot of our landlords aren’t paying mortgages and the financial strain mounts for all. At iThink Property, we have put together… Read More »


So you have your house on the market and Christmas is only 15 days away! As your schedule starts to fill up and people start leaving town, you may be worried about the fate of your property. Don’t fret, there are many advantages to having your property on the market during the Christmas period, so while you might not have much interest now, serious buyers are on their way.   REAL ESTATE IS 24/7/365 The real estate industry truly never stops and with the introduction of online portals such as and Domain make it easier for buyers to scout out properties 24/7. Alongside these real estate portals, other avenues such as print media and social media will also help spark buyer enquiry. Real estate agents are also only a… Read More »


Every day we are constantly reminded about the effects our common practices are having on the beautiful world we live in. Many of us have adopted the common changes to our daily schedule, like carrying a keep cup in tow, recycling cardboard and glass, and even packing your green bags when going to the supermarket, but only a minority of us implement other environmentally friendly practices into our every day and work lives. In 2016-2017 alone, the commercial and industrial sector of waste (in which offices, restaurants, retail and manufacturing fall into) produced 2.8 million tonnes of waste. Of this sum, 376,164 tonnes were contributed in forms of paper and packaging. According to the statistics, the commercial and industrial sector is the largest contributor to the waste epidemic, adding more… Read More »


Choosing a company to manage your investment is the second most important step following the initial decision to buy an investment property. Not only is it essential you do your research and ensure a few things like the company is experienced, operates with the service you are looking for and aligns with your values, but it is also important that your chosen property manager understands the local area your investment is located in. Engaging a property manager that lives and breathes the local market is essential. It can minimise vacancy periods, increase your rental return and will boost your confidence knowing that someone is close by should a crisis arise.     1. LOCAL PROPERTY MANAGERS KNOW THE AREA This one is simple really. A locally based property manager knows… Read More »


Nothing screams spring more than the bright colours and fragrances brought about by the Toowoomba Carnival Flowers. With plenty of events to choose from it is hard to pick what to miss. iThink Property Sales and Marketing Consultant Kelli McKellar has put together a list of the must do’s this year, to ensure you are making the most of this year’s festival. FOR THE FOODIE Progressive Foodie Tour $129pp – Set off on a tour of Toowoomba’s best eatery’s. Wind down and relax with this beautifully crafted 3-course menu, accompanied by outstanding and historic venues. If you are looking for something a bit more low-key, try the Talking Pubs tour $99pp – Join a four-hour tour of Toowoomba’s most historic pubs. Tour includes wine, beer and meals at each destination…. Read More »

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