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It is time to kickstart your 2021 with Goal Setting! Have you thought about where you want to be in 2021? What path do you want to take? It is so important to set your goals in advance! We all want success, right? So it’s time to put a plan together, set your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals. Anyone can set a goal, but not everyone achieves them. You can’t just say “I want..” and expect everything to happen overnight, it just doesn’t work like that. Here are some of the things you should consider when goal setting that will help you reach the end result.  Too often, people set goals that are very unrealistic. By doing this you are setting yourself up for confusion and frustration. Taking the time to think about… Read More »


Every day we are constantly reminded about the effects our common practices are having on the beautiful world we live in. Many of us have adopted the common changes to our daily schedule, like carrying a keep cup in tow, recycling cardboard and glass, and even packing your green bags when going to the supermarket, but only a minority of us implement other environmentally friendly practices into our every day and work lives. In 2016-2017 alone, the commercial and industrial sector of waste (in which offices, restaurants, retail and manufacturing fall into) produced 2.8 million tonnes of waste. Of this sum, 376,164 tonnes were contributed in forms of paper and packaging. According to the statistics, the commercial and industrial sector is the largest contributor to the waste epidemic, adding more… Read More »


Interior decorating and styling can totally transform a space and set a mood. Nowadays there are so many ways to change a space and just because you are renting doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. You may be hesitant to decorate and change up your interiors if you are renting due to the rules and regulations, however, there are so many ways to transform your space without having to paint, drill holes or drastically change the room. Accounts and customer service expert, Lacey Burns outlines the best ways to change up your living space, without having to seek further approval.   SOFT FURNISHINGS AND LINENS Soft furnishings are the perfect way to spice up any room at such a minimal cost. Updating your cushions seasonally to suit the… Read More »


How many times have you set goals for the New Year and failed to achieve them? A lot of people do, but this year is going to be different. Our customer service extraordinaire, Kate Weier has some tips to help you achieve your property goals and ensure you don’t lose sight of them. BREAKDOWN YOUR GOALS When you have an overall goal in mind, it’s essential to break it down into smaller goals. Categorise them into short, medium and long-term goals. For example, if you’d like to buy an investment property by the end of the year you would need to have short-term goals such as getting a financial health check, start researching property hotspots etc.   CREATE DEADLINES FOR YOUR GOALS Once you’ve created your goals, it’s important you… Read More »