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This week for Think Tank, we sat down the husband and wife duo, Blake and Jayde Price. Both Jayde and Blake are relatively new to the real estate industry and have been making waves ever since they set foot in the iThink office. If you are thinking of becoming an agent or you are also a newbie, you can go watch the episode here. If you want to know their top tips to getting started, keep reading below. Q: How long have you been in the real estate industry? Jayde – I have been in the real estate industry for coming up to 12 months, but only 6 of those have been with iThink Property. Blake – I have been in the real estate industry for 3 weeks. So I… Read More »


When it comes to an x-factor in business you have to be brave, you have to think outside the square and you have to take a risk. Virtual assistants have turned out to be that x-factor in our business. A Virtual Assistant is a multi-skilled, self-driven, who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely or from a home office.If you’re not familiar with a virtual assistant in real estate they are basically, usually foreigners working from somewhere like India or the Philippines who assist your business with the administrative tasks. While there are savings in terms of wages, tax and super, probably the biggest saving though for a small business is the saving it takes in the time to train someone to complete various tasks. As we… Read More »


Spring, it’s that most wonderful time of the year. The mercury is slowly rising, flowers are out in bloom, jumpers and jackets are stored away and the positive vibes of a new season put a spring in everyone’s step. Whilst, any time of the year is ideal to sell depending on your circumstances, a lot of people think spring, in particular, is the perfect time of year to put up that For Sale sign. There are numerous reasons this season hits the psyche and that includes, gardens and yards are at their best, warmer temperatures brings more people to the open homes and generally there’s a renewed energy of possibility in the air. For agents preparing for an onslaught of listings in spring starts months earlier, the prospecting, the marketing,… Read More »


We understand that selling your home is a major decision and you want to ensure you are choosing the right person to represent you in the sale of your home. However, there are a couple of questions we get asked at each and every appointment, so to make your life easier, whether it be as an agent answering these questions, or a vendor dying to know the answers, here is a breakdown of the top FAQ’s our agents get asked. Starting with the obvious, “What is my property worth?” ANSWER:As real estate agents we are not here to guess the price of your property, but instead we work to achieve you the highest price possible. In saying that, we do have a rough idea of where to price to property… Read More »


It is something every new real estate agent or business development manager dreads, cold calling. Surely with all the new ways to communicate, we don’t need to actually speak with anyone anymore, do we? Ah Yes, you do! I can personally vouch for the importance of picking up the phone and calling people as opposed to hiding behind emails, Facebook, or Insta DM’s. The reason, it is so much harder to say “No” to someone in person than it is in an email or other message form. It is also more personal, you’ve had to make more of an effort which translates to, you are more desperate for the business, and you can really gauge off a person by actually talking to them and start building that all-important trust.  For… Read More »


In real estate, two types of marketing contribute to the sale of a property. These are property marketing and agent marketing. As an agent, it is important to ensure you are using a combination of both to ensure you are reaching your intended target audience. Here is a run-down of the importance of each of these types of marketing, some useful tools to get you started, and how to implement a prospecting plan to target more business. PROPERTY MARKETING (VENDOR PAID ADVERTISING – VPA) Let’s start with the obvious when a property is listed for sale it needs to be published to be seen by prospective buyers. It is important to stress how vital property marketing is to your vendors when first meeting with them. At iThink Property, we have… Read More »


It’s the hottest topic in Property Management amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, how are we going to deal with Rent Arrears and financial hardship? It may seem overwhelming right now, but rest assured with some thought and planning there are solutions. The important thing is to not ignore the situation and start looking at your business or property management processes and see what needs to be addressed first. Spend some time and develop clear steps for dealing with the different scenarios that are likely to present themselves. Importantly make sure everyone from your team, landlords and tenants are all on the same page with the plan of attack and deal with each case that is presented on its own merits. The Government is still working on addressing issues with tenancies and… Read More »


We know that selling your house is a major life decision. We also understand that you may be confused and have an endless amount of questions you need to be answered before signing the dotted line. Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions our agents get asked when meeting with vendors. 1. AUCTION OR PRIVATE TREATY This decision is entirely up to you as the vendor, however, we do pride ourselves on our unique auction events and our strong 4-week auction campaigns. Private Treaty – This means you list your property at a price and those who place an offer have the chance to put conditions on the sale. It also opens you up to a bigger market, as the buyer has the chance to get their finances… Read More »


With the recent wet weather over last week in the Ipswich, Toowoomba and surrounding areas, it is extremely important to ensure your home is ready to withstand the weather. Over the next week we are also expecting more wet weather and the odd thunderstorm, so here is our list of tips and tricks so you can be prepared in case things go south. It will also help ensure you have all the correct procedures in place for a stress-free storm season. PREPARING YOUR HOME GENERAL MAINTENANCE Check the condition of your roof and be sure to repair any loose tiles, eaves or screws. Also, make sure you clean our all the gutters and downpipes to create a clear path for water to flow through. Another easy job that you can… Read More »


If you had to make a list of the worst jobs you’d like to do, property management would have to be right up there. I mean it is really one of the most thankless jobs, no one ever calls up and says thank you for renting that house to me, thank you for collecting my rent and sorting out my maintenance. No, it is more likely a negative call that forces people to pick up the phone and speak to their property manager. My oven isn’t working, my rent can’t be paid this week, why wasn’t my rent paid this week, why did you fix that leak without my approval, and so the list goes on, day in and day out. Nine out of ten calls are troubleshooting issues, disputes,… Read More »

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