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Starting a rent roll, how hard could it be? Just because it might not be easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start one. A rent roll is typically the rental division of a real estate agency, which deals with collecting rent and managing landlord’s investment properties. In return for these services, a real estate agency collects a commission and other administrative fees from the weekly rent the tenants pay. Why would you want to start a rent roll you might ask? I asked myself the very same question when posed with the choice of commencing one over a decade ago. I won’t lie it has delivered some very high and very low moments, but once we overcame the initial hurdles like what the hell we were doing, we really haven’t looked… Read More »


I’m not sure about you, but if I hear Coronavirus or COVID-19 mentioned one more time, I’m not sure I’ll keep it together. I stopped watching the news a few weeks ago now and whilst I have used it more than my fair share of the ‘C’ virus word in business and at home, I now think it’s time to shift the mindset and focus on a new letter, the ‘M’ word. Mindset is one of those buzzwords that is currently being touted as an essential life tool alongside mindfulness to essentially manage mental health and wellbeing. What is mindset though? Your mindset plays a critical role in how you cope with life and the challenges it throws at you. Experts believe there are two types on mindsets, one is… Read More »