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At iThink Property, we highly value the importance of setting weekly goals, meeting with your sales team, and sales tracking.  Our sales team gets together each Tuesday morning for an hour to talk about the week, set goals, and track our progress. We also use this time to talk strategy, KPI’s, marketing and to get advice from our colleagues. We have set up a spreadsheet that helps us keep track of all of our listings week on week. Here is how we set it up: 1st column: The agent marketing the property.  2nd column: The property address.  3rd column: The current list price. This column is subject to change each week alongside price reductions.  4th column: Offers received throughout the campaign.  5th column: The alignment level. This is the most… Read More »


Real Estate is regarded as having created more wealth than any other industry, so who doesn’t want to work in real estate right? There are two key attractions to working in Real Estate that stand out above everything else. One, is you are your own boss and you make your own working hours, and two, you can make whatever income you desire, there’s literally no cap or ceiling on how much you can earn. Broadly speaking a real estate agent will earn in direct proportion to the amount of work they put into their job. So, what about when someone says the market isn’t growing, there’s a global financial crisis or a flu pandemic, can you still make whatever you want despite the market conditions? Absolutely, yes you can. There… Read More »