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At iThink Property, we highly value the importance of setting weekly goals, meeting with your sales team, and sales tracking.  Our sales team gets together each Tuesday morning for an hour to talk about the week, set goals, and track our progress. We also use this time to talk strategy, KPI’s, marketing and to get advice from our colleagues. We have set up a spreadsheet that helps us keep track of all of our listings week on week. Here is how we set it up: 1st column: The agent marketing the property.  2nd column: The property address.  3rd column: The current list price. This column is subject to change each week alongside price reductions.  4th column: Offers received throughout the campaign.  5th column: The alignment level. This is the most… Read More »


When it comes to an x-factor in business you have to be brave, you have to think outside the square and you have to take a risk. Virtual assistants have turned out to be that x-factor in our business. A Virtual Assistant is a multi-skilled, self-driven, who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely or from a home office.If you’re not familiar with a virtual assistant in real estate they are basically, usually foreigners working from somewhere like India or the Philippines who assist your business with the administrative tasks. While there are savings in terms of wages, tax and super, probably the biggest saving though for a small business is the saving it takes in the time to train someone to complete various tasks. As we… Read More »


Selecting and Onboarding New People in Your Business – How Hard Can It Be? It can be an exciting time when you have new people joining your business. In the early days of starting out it means you are expanding and growing and it is time to hand over some of your previous tasks to someone new, so you can focus on other things like the growth of the business. Once you are set up and established though, team turnover can be fraught with trepidation, are they going to last, will they be the right fit, there’s so much training involved are they going to stay or am I wasting valuable time and money, can I trust them, will I be let down like the previous person and the list… Read More »


HOW TO HAVE DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS IN REAL ESTATE AND DELIVER THEM DECISIVELY. There is one thing most of us are guilty of, well there’s a lot more than one actually, but for purposes of this blog topic it is putting off having difficult conversations. For some people it can be so fear and anxiety-inducing that often the relevance of the conversation is lost because it has taken so long to muster up the courage to have that awkward chat. Whether it is a work colleague, a boss or client, determining how to start and have a difficult conversation, is an essential life and business skill. The consequences of not having that uncomfortable conversation can be costly, and handling a difficult conversation requires not only skill and empathy but importantly the… Read More »