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As a landlord, there is nothing more stressful than when your property is vacant. To help minimise the risk of this happening to you, you need to make sure you look after your property & tenants. iThink Property Manager, Katrina White has put together a list of five reasons tenants tend to leave their rentals, along with tips and tricks you can implement to avoid the constant chop and change of tenants in your property.   MAINTENANCE     If a tenant constantly has to deal with leaking roofs, clogged pipes and pest problems they are going to get frustrated. Having to contact the property manager, lodge a maintenance request and schedule a suitable time for trades etc. can become time-consuming and quite irritating, especially if it happens continuously! One… Read More »


Finding a rental for you and your furry friend can be quite difficult! You’ll find your rental opportunities will dramatically decrease when you have a pet, but it’s not impossible to find a rental that can suit both you and your pooch. If you’re serious about finding a rental property you need to eliminate the ‘fear’ factor from your landlord by taking a few extra steps to reassure them your pet won’t damage their property. Take a look at our tips on how you can secure a rental with a pet from iThink Property Manager, Mikki Pohatu.     NEVER TRY AND HIDE YOUR PET The first thing you need to do is be up front. Don’t start off on the wrong foot and try to hide the fact you… Read More »


With the rental market so competitive at the moment, the odds of you securing your dream rental may seem a little out of reach. But don’t let this discourage you! To help you stand out from the crowd and win over your potential landlord here are a few tips from iThink Property Manager, Bek Sheahan.     GET THE BASICS RIGHT The number one rule when applying for a rental property is to ensure you have fully completed all the application form and have all supporting documents. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many applicants hand in incomplete applications. It’s a competitive market, and property managers don’t have the time to chase up forgotten details. Start off on the right foot and ensure you double check your… Read More »


For those lucky enough to have a backyard pool, you’ll already know it’s not all rainbows and daises. With drowning as one of the leading causes of death in children under 5 in Queensland*, owning a pool is a huge responsibility. When it comes to a pool in a rental property, the lines can be blurred as to who is responsible for what. To help you out, iThink property manager Peta, has outlined everything you need to know to keep yourself out of trouble this summer.   ENSURE YOUR POOL IS COMPLIANT Owners of pools & spas in Queensland must ensure their pool complies with the pool safety standard.  There are strict laws about fence heights, gates and other necessary inclusions. To help you out here are a few rules… Read More »


When a tenant hears that their rental property is up for sale they tend to panic- don’t! Just because the owner is putting the property on the market this doesn’t mean you need to pack your bags! Both you and the owner have rights and it’s important to understand them. Our Head of Property Management, Angie Lester is here to give you a head start, with some basic rules every tenant should know!     YOUR LANDLORD HAS THE RIGHT TO SELL As the owner, your landlord is within their rights to sell the property whenever they want to, even if it does fall during your fixed lease agreement. But don’t panic! You do have rights.   YOU MUST BE INFORMED BEFORE THE SALES PROCESS BEGINS Once the owner decides… Read More »


Are you looking at becoming a property investor? You’re not alone, there are just over 2 million Property Investors in Australia*! While property is regarded as one of the safest long term investments there are many risks involved and it’s not a decision to jump into.  iThink’s Sales & Marketing Consultant, Dane Phillips has some tips for getting started in Property Investment.   DO YOUR RESEARCH Attention to detail is key in investment planning. If you try to take shortcuts or skip researching, you could make some costly mistakes. It’s important to choose an area which has strong growth and rental demand so in-depth research of the suburb is essential. Ideally, you want to invest in a suburb where the level of rental listings and vacancies are low, and demand… Read More »


It’s a struggle to find time to renovate or repair your rental while a tenant is in place. So when your tenants are vacating and there is a week or two between tenancies you need to jump on this opportunity!  You want to achieve premium price and attract quality tenants so giving your investment a little TLC will go a long way.  iThink Property Manager, Tori Austen has a few tips to help ensure your property is in tip top shape.     PRESENTATION Before jumping head first, take the time to think about how you want your rental property to look & what type of tenants you want to attract. There is no question about it, prospective tenants are more attracted to well-presented properties. A well-presented property doesn’t just… Read More »


It’s time to stop the confusion and find out who is responsible for what repairs in a tenancy. It’s a question that comes up regularly and is a major cause of many arguments. To avoid delays in repairs, our Head of Property Management, Jaime Shepherdson is here to inform you of your responsibilities in advance.     The basic rules regarding rental property repairs are simple: If repairs are needed because of wear and tear over time, paying for them is the landlord’s responsibility. If a repair is necessary because of damage caused by a tenant, housemate or guest it is the tenant’s responsibility to pay for the repair.   For example, if a tenant throws a ball through a window and breaks it they will be responsible for the repairs,… Read More »