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If you are a Blockhead like us you most likely tuned in to the Block finale last night. As we got one last sneak peek at each Brighton home and witnessed some hectic auctions, we decided to breakdown the season and give you a real estate insight as to how The Block actually works! THE LOCATION Located only 11km from Melbourne’s CBD, Brighton offers luxury bayside living at it’s finest. Attracting families and older demographics, the upmarket area has a sale median (for a 5 bedroom property) of a cool $3.8M. A vast majority of the houses within this area boast beautiful Victorian and Edwardian architecture, and the properties tend to have a larger land area, swimming pools, tennis courts, and more! THE HOUSES Reports state that the land each… Read More »


It is Auction week here at iThink and we are looking forward to another successful event under the stars. Over the last few months we have sold x properties through the auction method and We strongly believe in the auction process; it brings all potential buyers out of the woodwork and generally results in a quicker, less complicated sales process. THE PROS OF AUCTION They are held at a certain time and a certain place They create competition They create urgency There are set terms There are three opportunities to sell your property: The first is prior to the auction, provided you are presented with a favourable offer. Secondly, under the hammer and finally, you have the opportunity to sell your property post auction.  OUR 4 WEEK PROCESS Prior to… Read More »


Think auction might be the best way to sell your home? With our second auction event for the year approaching this Friday, we look at the benefits of hosting in-room auction events, and why you might consider it for your next sale.   ABOUT OUR EVENTS   At iThink Property, we like to do Real Estate different and our Auction events are really like no other. We host community inclusive Auction events at popular local venues that help create a real buzz in the local community and more importantly for the properties we are looking to auction. Our Auction Events are also generating some outstanding results for our sellers and buyers. We strongly believe in the auction process; it brings all potential buyers out of the woodwork and generally results… Read More »


Hundreds of properties go under the hammer each and every week. Of this group, around half actually get sold under the hammer. The remainders are either sold prior to the auction or passed in. When committing to the auction process it is important to remember that getting passed in is not the end of the world, and that you can still receive an amazing price for your property if the auction falls through. There may be a few factors that influenced buyers to refrain from purchasing under auction conditions. iThink Sales and Marketing Agent Adam Boettcher has complied a list of all the factors that influence this outcome, ways you can overcome it and how to get an amazing price for your passed in property.     FACTORS INFLUENCING THE POTENTIAL BUYER Finance… Read More »