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As of January 1st, 2020 singles earning less than $125,000 and couples earning less than $200,000 will only require a 5% minimum deposit. This will vary from region to region and is administered by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC). If you are a lower-income earner looking to enter the property market, now could be your chance, so you will want to get in quick. However, there are a couple of terms and conditions that you need to be aware of, so keep reading for the full lowdown. What is this new First Home Loan Deposit Scheme? This scheme has been implemented in order to allow easier and faster access to the property market for lower-income earners. This scheme will allow the first home buyers to pay a… Read More »


About to move into a new place, or are you moving out for the first time? Here is a comprehensive list of everything to need to know to make the move a little more bearable. Forget the moving horror stories, by implementing a plan and utilising these tips and tricks, you can make moving house a piece of cake! BEFORE THE MOVE Utility Connection: The last thing you want is to move into a house that doesn’t have any electricity and you are unpacking in the dark. Make sure you call your energy provider and give them your details and connection dates before you move into the property. The connection process may take a couple of business days, so make sure you have given the provider ample notice. While you… Read More »


Got your eyes on the prize but just don’t know how to initiate negotiation and enter buyers territory? Good news is, you don’t have to be a skilled negotiator to get a great price for your dream property. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to start negotiating today!   DO YOUR RESEARCH     Not only does this show that you are serious, it gives you a good understanding of the current market. Compile a list of comparable sales and weigh up their pros and cons in relation to the sale price. This will help you come to a conclusion of what you should offer for your dream property. However, it is important to ensure the information you have cited is reliable and recent.   COMMUNICATE WITH… Read More »


We all know that the property market is ever-changing and following the recent election and the cutting of interest rates it is now more important than ever to analyse the market before diving straight in. Here is a rundown of what the market is currently doing, how you can break into it and some tips for making your goal of owning a property a reality.   INTEREST RATE CUT     At the beginning of the month, the Royal Bank of Australia cut interest prices to 1.25%. This cut will see mortgage rates fall although housing prices currently are still in a decline. This decline should not last too long, however, as it is expected that housing prices will start to stabilise as we enter 2020.   The rate cut… Read More »


Making an offer on a property can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time! It’s a massive financial decision and is one you don’t want to mess up. The actual act of making an offer on a private treaty is quite straightforward and will be easy once you chat to your real estate agent but the tricky part is making sure your offer is the one that they choose. So how do you make sure you are making an offer that will give you the best chance of securing your home? iThink Sales Agent Mark Costello has put together a list of tips on how to successfully make an offer.     ATTEND AN OPEN FOR INSPECTION If you’re interested enough to be thinking of making an offer on… Read More »


Purchasing your first home is a big deal so it’s okay to feel a bit scared about the whole process! It’s a big financial and emotional investment and one you need to get right the first time. To help the process seem a little less stressful and daunting, here are some of our top tips for first home buyers from iThink Sales Agent, Matt Hawkins.   DO YOUR RESEARCH     When preparing to buy your first home, it’s essential you understand the process and what’s ahead of you. Be prepared and do some research, so you are confident and realistic about your opportunities. Having a clear idea of what you can afford will be the key. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a place, then finding out… Read More »


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW FROM THE BUDGET 2017     With house prices continually increasing it’s harder than ever for first home buyers to get into the market. A lot of pressure has been put on both state and federal governments to fix this affordability crisis and in the lead up to the announcement of the Federal Budget there has been much debate in what the Government will do. So what’s in it for first home buyers? iThink Property Sales Agent Mark Costello, who has been helping first home buyers secure properties has got the low down on how first home buyers will be impacted by the 2017 Budget. The biggest hurdle for first home buyers is saving for a deposit. With this in mind the 2017 Budget has introduced… Read More »